Sunday, May 15, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

Rocky may have made the quote famous but on my run today I found myself thinking of it's applications.

I've been battling an ankle issue for several months. Progress has been slow because quite frankly I've been doing nothing about it. With Ironman (Lake Placid) just over 70 days away I figured I need to get active in my recovery. I've been stretching, icing, mobilizing, and rolling (with a lacrosse ball) to speed the process. Guess what? It's been working! While enjoying my nearly pain- free run today I got to thinking "If I keep doing what's working, I'll keep moving forward." It was at that moment I realised that the applications go far beyond just Running & Triathlon, but to LIFE itself.

"Your Solutions are Never Behind You. Keep Moving Forward."

"Solutions Don't Catch-Up to You, You Must Catch-Up with Them. Keep Moving Forward."

"If Your Dreams are Greater than Your Memories - Keep Moving Forward."

"Success is easy once your headed in the right direction. Keep Moving Forward."

"The longer it is to the finish line - the greater the payoff. Keep Moving Forward."

"It's not where you come from but where you're going that makes matters. Keep Moving Forward."

Frank Pucher