Friday, March 26, 2010

Best Exercise Studio

Many congratulations have come our way over the last several days. New Jersey Monthly Magazine has hit the mailboxes and Fitness 121 has been named "Best Exercise Studio."

A interviewer from NJ Monthly asked me "What do you do differently from most studios?"
My answer was simple "We're not focused on making 'deals' or 'sales'; We're focused on making people Better!"

She asked me about our training. "What do you have that others don't?" I replied "Great Fitness Professionals who create a great EXPERIENCE; not just give a workout."

I explained that every gym/studio has machines & dumbbells and balls, etc. What we have done is eliminate the machines and anything else that encourages people to move in a way that is not benefiting them. The Lat Pulldown isn't making you stronger. Neither is the Bench Press or the Leg Press for that matter. Sure, we still have people push and pull with resistance. They jump and run, they reach and flex, extend, rotate and stabilize. They sweat and feel GREAT when they finish.
It's not about making someone TIRED.
It's about making people feel better than when they walked in. I've never found a machine that did that, but I have a TEAM of Fitness Professionals do just that EVERYDAY!

"Best Exercise Studio" in New Jersey. Yes we are!

-Frank Pucher

Monday, March 22, 2010


About 10 years ago I had shirts made for the staff that read New Jersey's Best. It was my intention then was to create the Best Fitness Studio around. A place that was made up of Positive Energy and Proper Exercise; a place that emphasized Proper Movement and not just a bunch of Exercises; a Home where our Clients are Family and my Staff was my TEAM.

It took a while to get here. Some mistakes were made and some success was had. 10 years of working and learning and building and growing. Today it became official:
New Jersey Monthly Magazine presents the BEST OF NJ.

On behalf of my TEAM at Fitness 121. "Thank you" to all of our Clients for Voting. We thank you for allowing us to be the Best Part of Your Day, Every Day.

-Frank Pucher

Getting Ridiculous

Another sad attempt to focus on something "new" rather than on what WORKS!

This could prove beneficial should you find yourself riding your bicycle with a couple of bungee cords strapped to your hands!

Silly me. I still keep my hands on the handlebars.

-Frank Pucher

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Actions for an IMPACT Year!

My 5 Things that I WILL make happen in 2010.

1) 200 hrs of PT/Pilates sessions @ Fitness 121. This is NOT an intention but a WILL!
- Action steps: Lunch & Learn Talks, Running Club Speaking, Better Advertisement, Better Training, Overall Evangelism!

2) Strengthen my Homelife/Marriage-Relationship.
- Action steps: In bed & off computer by 9:30pm. No "work talk" past 9pm. No "work talk" after 4pm on weekends. No "work talk" or "work reading" while on Vacation (this may be tough?)

3) Develop a World Class Mindset with regard to Business & Finances.
- Actions steps: Focus attention on Profitability, Cost controls & Branding. Speak to/Learn from "profitability experts".

4) Lead without title.
- Action steps: Host a MasterMind gathering here in NJ this Sept! Open to all groups- I will handle logistics.
Tentative Itinerary: Dinner @ Casa de Pucher, Hotel, A.M. workout >MM gathering @ Fitness 121 to discuss "Business/Goals", Dinner Out...more to follow!

5) Take care of self> Return (Commit) to World Class Fitness/Diet & Recovery.
- Action steps: Run 6x weekly, Strength train 2-3x & Better Nutrition Daily. (Drink More Water!)

-Frank Pucher

Monday, March 15, 2010

Some pics from last weekend

It was a great trip to San Diego. Lot's of energy and clear thinking time. Since I'm back we have updated our website and began work on "Hibachi 70." Great things coming in the next few weeks.
Looking forward to Spring and the warmer days ahead. Next stop Florida then back to San Diego. Hang on my brothers - I'll be back!!

-Frank Pucher

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back from San Diego


An amazing weekend in San Diego. Energy-Passion-Tears & Excitement.

I can't possibly write about what we did.
It's like asking someone to write about "how to tie your shoelaces?" Nearly impossible!

I'll not mention each person who was there - but feel the need to say a few things about the people I most connected with.

Thank You to Todd & the Team at FQ10. An amazing collection of people who just exude a love for what they do!

Larry Indiviglia - (as seen in the NY Times!) Kudos my friend, you deserve that and so much more; you are 'the Rare Air' that's spoken of and you have many more recognitions still ahead.

Alexis Gaston - - You ARE the Tazmanian Devil! There is nothing that you can't do. Believe in yourself 1/2 as much as we all do and the sky is the limit. You ROCK Girl!

Mike Michaels - - Big things coming for you brother. The truth is unrelenting and you speak it Mike. Reach for that BHAG. You can do it!

Liz Medina - - I can apperciate the time, struggle and sacrifices you have made. Bravo for facing your fears and moving forward with your dreams. You are an amazing woman and I'm proud to call you my friend.

Kelli Corasanti - - You are an amazing friend, a mirror to possibility, and an enlightened soul. Your ability to connect with others (so easily) is a gift that you surely do not waste. Keep shining. The world needs more of your light.

I went out to San Diego with the intention of giving so much to so many. I did that but I can honestly say that I got back just as much (and then some).

I leave reminded that "Everyday is Game Day." Time to step up and play big.

-Frank Pucher

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cleared for take-off!

I'm on my way to work for a few hours, a quick run/shower and then the Airport.
I'll be in San Diego for a retreat with 25 of the Best Fitness Professionals in the country.

My sharing time will be on "Hiring Great Teammates/Building a Winning Team."

I'm a combined excited and nervous.
1) I've never been to San Diego. Where am I going?
2) These are the BEST of the BEST.
3) How close is the nearest Starbucks?
4) I'm really in need of some sunshine and the weather out there has been super!

We are about to finish Hibachi "60" in a record 31 days! "Great Job" to my Fitness 121 TEAM.

I will blog more upon my return. Have a GREAT week.

-Frank Pucher

Monday, March 1, 2010

Breaking News:

I was interviewed on Saturday by a staff writer for NJ Monthly Magazine.

Fitness 121 was named "Best Exercise Studio" and will be written about in the April 2010 issue. The truth is that this has been an intention of mine since 2000. In fact, I once had 'staff shirts' made that read "NJ's Best."

On behalf of the entire TEAM at Fitness 121. "Thank You" to our clients and friends that voted and spoke up about us.

As awesome as this news is; We're just getting started. Great things are coming in 2010.

"It's not just Personal Training; It's Fitness 121 Personal Training."

-Frank Pucher