Monday, February 21, 2011

The New Math

Perhaps basic math had it wrong?

A + C = B

Let's start with the definitions:

A. What is your biggest issue or obstacle? (personal happiness, professional success, athletic achievement, etc.)

B. What is this costing you? What is the benefit you would obtain if the obstacle (A) no longer existed?

C. What must you do to effectively deal with the "issue/obstacle?" (A) - Name 1 thing you can do immediately?

A + C = B

Write down your answers to the above questions? Once you've done that simply apply the Solution (C) to the Problem (A) and you will derive the Benefit (B).

"When Venture follows Vision, Victory emerges."

-Frank Pucher

Monday, February 14, 2011

4 Letter Words

Those that know me best and a few that will never again speak to me know that I frequent the usage of "4 letter words."
Some of my personal favorites are SEXY, FOOD, & WINE (not necessarily in that order mind you) but perhaps my favorite "4 letter word" is LOVE.

On this day when we typically express our LOVE for Sweethearts, I suggest that we spread the LOVE around a little. Let's express our LOVE to all those that are dear to our hearts & lives. Pets, Friends, Children, Co-Workers, SBUX Baristas, Clients, perhaps even random strangers could use a little LOVE today.

It's LOVE that inspires us, LOVE that moves us, LOVE that saddens, & LOVE that soothes us. There is little in this world that LOVE can't do.

Share some LOVE today in your own special way. You won't just make someone's day - You'll improve your own.

"What goes around - comes around" - especially LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day..

Frank Pucher