Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Simple Wellness Plan

For many, the need to begin a proper exercise program is something that can be put off until tomorrow. Eventually, tomorrow comes for everyone. That day is usually brought about by news of a medical issue which requires a series of lifestyle changes. One of the best lifestyle changes you can make is to invest in a wellness program complete with proper exercise and appropriate nutrition.

This program of wellness needn't be intimidating or complicated. It can be as simple as moving your body through basic movement patterns (flexion, extension, pushing, pulling, rotation) 3x weekly and a healthy dose of aerobic exercise. Running 1 hour a day is NOT a "healthy dose" of aerobic exercise. If you wish to train for a marathon that's fine, but a "healthy dose" of aerobic exercise is 15-25 minutes of sustained activity 4x weekly.
*Before beginning any physical exercise program you should speak with your physician and begin with a certified fitness professional to ensure your safety and progress.

A program of appropriate nutrition needn't be complicated either (despite what the book shelves will have you believe). Your nutrition should be based on 6 simple principles in this order:
1) More Water
2) Mostly Vegetables
3) Lean Proteins
4) Some Fruit
5) Healthy Fats
6) Less Grains
*It's just that simple. It makes a fool proof shopping list too!

Successful people make plans where others make excuses!

You have now got a winning plan for wellness. What will you make of it?

Frank Pucher
Fitness 121 Personal Training
Roseland, NJ