Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Assessment Opinion

An Assessment Opinion

Let's start with a blank slate:

Exercise is effective in helping people cope with STRESS. True or False?
- However, do we Assess and Evaluate a clients level of STRESS before beginning a Physical Exercise program?

Exercise can help people alleviate symptoms of DEPRESSION. True or False?
- Can someone please describe the Evaluation & Assessment you administer do measure or determine the client's degree of DEPRESSION?

Exercise works to improve someone's SELF-ESTEEM but we don't question or probe "How much do you not like yourself?"

We skip all these tests and train our clients. Yet, they get better in these areas. Why are we brainwashed that the Physical Aspects are any different?

The FMS is in my opinion NOT a good indicator of what exercises a client can, can not, or should be doing. No more than the COMBINE is accurate in determining a NFL prospects of a successful career. It's simply a TEST. (Again, just my opinion).

The other issue I have with FMS is that it's designed by a Physical Therapist for Physical Therapists. Somehow, (in an effort to be more like a Physical Therapist) Personal Trainers thought "I can do this too!" Enter 'Corrective Exercise'.

What is that? Corrective Exercise? If my client can't walk and I advise them to hold on to the treadmill while the belt is moving, can this be considered Corrective Exercise?
Is picking a 2lbs Med Ball off the floor Corrective?
What if the ball weighs 70lbs? Still Corrective?
When does it cease to be Corrective and now simply become EXERCISE?

All EXERCISE is Corrective if Program Design is Reasonable. Not ABSOLUTE, but Reasonable.

I propose the following changes. Corrective Exercise = Exercise.
Functional Training = Training.
Dynamic Warm-Up = Warm-Up.
Not as Sexy (I know) but still it works, and Results are what matter!

OK, I'm done. Time to get my own workout in.

After my Myofacial Release Work & Dynamic Warmup - I'll engage in a Metabolic Circuit including Functional Movements performed with Undulating Periodization. Of course I'll conclude with some Tabata Intervals before finishing with Active Isolated Stretching.


I could just go Train?

**Bonus Rant**
- I'm not saying to just hand a Set of Dumbbells to a client and have them start pushing and pulling. What I'm instead proposing is that PERSONAL Trainers actually PERSONALIZE the evaluation to the PERSON. If we use a template to evaluate; we only find what we are already looking for. Spend time with a client in an office (talking) or on a floor (sweating) and you'll learn so much more than any 'screen' can tell you!

Frank Pucher
Fitness 121 Personal Training
Named New Jersey's "Best Exercise Studio" by NJ Monthly Magazine.