Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just Stuff

On Saturday October 10th we will be having a little Pizza/Sushi & Wine gathering at Casa de Pucher for our Fitness 121 TEAM. Everyone has been 'bringing it' each day and it will be nice to enjoy each others company outside of work. Making a "Special Appearance" at our home will be the One And Only "Rick Ivone." For anyone who has never met Rick, you will leave the evening knowing 'You where in the presence of GREATNESS.'

But before we do that; Lori, Gary, Katie G. & Chris A. will be duking it out in Sandy Hook this Sunday at the Jersey Shore 1/2 Marathon...

Frank Pucher

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pilates, Not Just For Women

For all (you) men out there that think Pilates is for the opposite sex think again. After all, it was created by a male Joseph Pilates and has been a dominant training style for men and women, as well as elite athletes for over 50 years. Now Pilates used all over the fitness world to help build core strength, balance, stamina, posture, endurance, and flexibility. I'm often asked "why Pilates is good for men?" I usually say "to improve flexibility" (most men have none) but in reality it's a great workout, especially for those that play sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, or even running.

Usually men look at someone on a reformer and think "I can’t do that." YES YOU CAN! And you should if you are seeking to live a better life. Remember fitness isn’t about how much weight you can lift, its how effectively we move our body and relax the mind. Pilates does just that.

Now, I am not saying it's easy; but if you ask any of my male clients they will say "it’s hard but the results are rewarding" and that they feel GREAT after their sessions. Do you feel GREAT after your workouts? If not, then give Pilates a try. Inquire with me about our 'group' on Saturday mornings, if you do, I promise you will feel awesome.

Besides, you might improve your life as well.

"Dream, Create & Live a Great Life."

Francesca Pucher

Fantastic 4

What if I told you that if you did four things, you might be 36% less likely to develop cancer than a person who did none of these? Or 50% less likely to have a stroke? Perhaps 81% reduced risk for a heart attack would get your attention? Would you do these four things if it meant you might be able to lower your risk of diabetes by 93%? 93%!!!
What are these “Fantastic Four?”
Health factors that far too many of us skip or ignore. They are:
*Never smoked.
*Body mass index is less than 30. (Check yours out here.)
*Exercise for 3.5 hours or more a week.
*Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and very little red meat.
According to a large study of men and women, the more of these healthy habits the subjects practiced the lower their risk of developing one or more of the chronic diseases cited above. People who did all four had a 78% reduction in risk of developing cancer, diabetes, heart attack, or stroke than those who did none of the healthy habits. Even doing one cut the chances by nearly 50%. Being physically active and eating a healthy diet – the two calorie balance habits we advocated on the this blog – lowered risk by a whopping 66%.
Do you need more proof that adopting simple healthy habits can have a major impact on disease risk?
How many of the “Fantastic Four” do you do?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fountain of Youth

This is an 11 minute video; watch it. This year, people will spend $$$$$ trying to discover the answer or secret to what I'm providing you for free.

Frank Pucher

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Secret to Weight Loss.

I love my Dog 'Corona'.

She’s a Yellow-Lab who shares my pillow, bed & occasionally my socks. My wife and I named her Corona because of her coloring. I looked at my little pup and said to Francesca “she doesn’t look like a Heineken.”

Like most dogs Corona lies under the table hoping some food will magically 'fall' from someone plate to her perch below. I’ll admit that I found it cute when I threw a 'little' piece of food to her; I always enjoyed watching her enjoy my treat to her. My wife found the same pleasure, as did my in-laws, family and friends who always seem to be around.

One day, years ago, I was told point blank by the Vet “your dog is OBESE and needs to lose weight or else she might die.” I tried to explain that she was “big boned or stocky.“ I reasoned that we feed her only dog food and some 'small' snacks. The vet explained that our 'small snacks' led to Corona weighing in at 98lbs! I inquired as to how much should she weigh? The Vet informed us that 65-70lbs was the proper weight given her breed and size.

I was given simple instructions. “If you love your Dog, you will get her to lose weight" said the Vet. Our instructions where to give her 2 cups of food a day and THAT’S IT! No Biscuits, Treats or Snacks. We could dispense the 2 cups any way we chose. But only 2 cups per day.
Our strategy was 1 cup for Breakfast, ½ cup for Lunch & ½ cup for Dinner. We were also required to bring her back every month for a weigh in. "Sounds easy" (I reasoned). Our whole family was brought in on the task. Operation Slim Dog!

Each month Corona weighed in and each month she lost weight. After 7 months she was a fighting trim 64 lbs.

No fancy exercise program, no low-carb mumbo-jumbo. Less food=Less weight!
Amazing! This is an absolutely true story that I tell people struggling to lose weight. If my Dog can do it, so can you. Francesca &I had the love for her (Corona) to do what it took. So if not for yourself, help someone you love to eat less and lose weight.

By the way; if you need a good diet plan, I recommend 2 cups a day of IAMS Lamb & Rice Formula. Trust me it works!! Woof.

-Frank Pucher

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fitness 121 Recommends Sept 09'

Gymnic Plus Stability Balls: constructed of latex-free vinyl material in four different diameters from 45 to 75cm (18 to 30 inches). These are the only Stability Balls that we allow at Fitness 121. Quite simply they are the best ones on the market.

Their Benefits/Uses:
-Increases muscle strength
-Improves proprioception, balance and stability
-Helps develop the core body muscles by forcing the body to respond to the instability of the ball.
-Can be used in place of a chair to help maintain proper posture as it engages the abdominal and back muscles.
-Develops strength in all planes of motion (frontal, sagittal, and transverse) which helps improve overall functional strength and decreases the chance of injury.

* Each holds up to 600 lbs static weight.

Download a FREE Stability Ball Exercise Sheet

They are available in four sizes. These are suggested sizes: (You should select ball size where you can sit with knees bent at a 90 degree angle)
Up to 5'0" tall use 45cm; 5'1" to 5'7" use 55cm; 5'8" to 6' use 65cm; Over 6' use 75cm

Get on the ball! If you are going to buy anything for your home this is a must. Feel free to browse the Perform Better site for all of your small exercise equipment needs or speak to our TEAM of Fitness Professionals on what equipment is right for you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Idea To Lower Healthcare Costs.

When someone with aches, pains, or disease (due to living a sedentary & inactive lifestyle) visits their local pharmacy; their insurance company will (with a prescription card) allow them access to the "necessary" medicines for $30.


Why can't that same prescription card allow people access to some sneakers for $30 thus avoiding the medicine later? Besides, the medicine is only a 30-60 day supply. A good pair of running shoes will last 4-5x longer!


I'll tell you why. "Because there is more money to be made in treatment than in prevention." Put another way, "they don't care about your health, they care about your sickness."

Why am I the only one who mentions this?

Frank Pucher

Interview Link

I was interviewed recently by Ryan Halvorson; Editor of IDEA Fitness Journal. Here is what we discussed. This will be printed in the October issue.

Q: (Ryan) How do you inspire the world to fitness?
A: (Frank) I practice what I preach and do so with a healthy balance. It's my contention that Fitness should be a "part of life; not ones life." I encourage exercises that my clients find enjoyable and educate them on the importance of consistency and moderation.

Q: (Ryan) What are your favorite aspects of fitness?
A: (Frank) I really enjoy that Fitness can't be "bought." You earn every bit of it. It's a metaphor for life; you get what you give.

Q: (Ryan) What other activities are you involved in?
A: (Frank) In my free time I volunteer my "expertise" to local athletes & community running programs. I feel it's important to give back to a sport that has taught me so much.

Q: (Ryan) Anything else you’d like to tell us?
A: (Frank) The most satisfying aspect of my job is the "teaching" part. More than a tangible goal achieved; the ability to educate someone on the importance of the "journey" (not just the destination) is the measure of which I view my success.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ain't U Tweet? No I aint!

The problem with "Social Networking" is that it leads to "Anti-Social" behavior.
I see so many of my fitness colleagues with their Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, U-Tubes; all keeping busy but is it making them money or just simply busy?

I know that the world "needs" to know that I'm drinking coffee in my Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, but despite my satisfying this "need" of theirs, my pocket doesn't reap any reward.
I'm all for technology.
I love the calculator! Especially when I'm doing long math and I run out of fingers & toes, but how much is really needed? My clients don't care what I'm doing when I'm not with them. If they do they usually call me. Truth be told, they'd rather not know. (I'm eating Donuts!)
I want them focused on their lives, not living through the cyber world of someone else.

No real point to this entry, but then again. That's my point isn't it?

Frank Pucher