Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Predicting the future

The most accurate way to predict the future is to get busy creating it.

Though you cannot guess what's going to happen, you can know for sure what you intend to do.
Do you wish to be in the right place at the right time? Then commit to creating real value in every time and place where you find yourself.

The most reliable way to get in on a good thing is to put forth the effort that makes that good thing real. A surefire way to have good luck is to create your own luck through the actions you take.

It serves no purpose to wish for what you don't have. Use that energy to fulfill, express and expand upon all the great possibilities you do have.

The more generously you participate in life, the more it will go your way. Always see the positive possibilities in the way things are, and things will work to the benefit of you and those around you.

The future belongs to those who act with commitment, persistence and positive purpose in the present. Use this now moment to make your best predictions for the future come to life.

Ralph Marston

Saturday, May 23, 2009

9 Weeks Out

The weather was actually pretty decent this week. I got a few (2) good runs in and even got a few (2) swims in (actually that was indoors?) I even started the week with an awesome bike ride of (albeit indoors too.) Looking at it objectively, the weather was good and my training was mediocre. But fortunately work has been excellent!

Here was last weeks training:

Sunday: 3.5 hrs of riding (no LOST DVD's so it was very boring)
Monday: 40 minute swim
Tuesday: Nothing-Nada-Zilch
Wednesday: 1hr run-felt good
Thursday: (see Tuesday)
Friday: 35 minute swim
Saturday: At Beach..1 hour run, felt a little tired?

My friend Rachel called my the other day on her way to NJ via Wisconsin, actually she called from Indiana. We spoke travel, training & nutrition. She told me that with our 1/2 Ironman coming up next week "the important thing is to just finish." She also laughed at my feeble nutritional plan (for race day) and my lack of "bike training." I agreed, the important thing is to finish. As long as it's under 5 hrs & 30 min...anything else is un-acceptable-to ME.

Just finish is a strategy for those that dip their toe of the unknown. Having done 1 of these before, I can't help hold myself to another standard.

Frank Pucher

Sunday, May 17, 2009

10 Weeks Out

Another busy-crazy fast week. We had HIBACHI 10 Dinner on Friday night w/ the Fitness 121 TEAM (Minus Bobby.) Bobby was getting the results of his shoulder MRI and will be having surgery on May 28th. He's strong and has an amazing pain-threshold so he'll be performing pushups in no time.

As for my body. I'm holding up O.K. I just got fitted for some new orthotics so I should be good to go for the final push to IRONMAN.

Here was last weeks training.

Sunday: 2 hr Bike indoors.
Monday: 40 minute swim.
Tuesday: Rest/day off.
Wednesday: 1 hr run-felt very good.
Thursday: 90 minute bike indoors.
Friday: 35 minute swim. Strength Work in the p.m.
Saturday: 90 minute run.

I'm feeling pretty good but getting a little nervous about the temperature of the Lake I'm about to jump into in 2 weeks. I told my friends that I'll be the "high pitch-lady like screaming" they hear; about 1 minute after the gun sounds. I'm praying for a HEATWAVE in Northeast PA over the next 10 days. That water IS going to be COLD.

Frank Pucher

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

90 Day Wonder

Try this simple exercise. Answer the 3 questions (In BOLD.)
Write it down and involve others. Keep yourself accountable and watch what happens!

1. What have you accomplished in the last 90 Days?
- Began training for IRONMAN USA Triathlon (better late than never.)
- Joined TD Mastermind.
-Set HIBACHI 10 Goal for TEAM (DONE)
- Set HIBACHI 10 x 2 Goal..
- Booked my Vacation/Anniversary Trip (Naples, FL)
- Secured nomination for Fitness Facility of the Year in Local Magazine. THANKS MMG!!
- Met with several media outlets to discuss advertising options.
- Refinanced my business loans w/ my bank.
- Refinanced my mortgage also.
- Took my Yellow Lab "Corona" to the animal hospital for her 1st ultrasound to determine if liver disease was present. Fortunately, she's ok and is still stealing my socks and sleeping on my pillow.
2. What are my current obstacles, challenges, and issues?
- Overcoming negative economic sentiment.
- Finding another trainer "the right" fit for out TEAM.
- Budgeting.
- Working on my business-yet staying in the trenches as well.
- Coping with my impatience or perhaps other peoples lack of urgency?
- Being "present" at all times.

3. What are you going to accomplish in the next 90 Days?
- Encourage votes for "Fitness Facility of the Year."
- Add 1 new TEAM player to my facility.
- Hibachi 10 x 2.
- Have advertising set and working for us.
- Encourage my TEAM to set a 90 day wonder for themselves!
- Sign my remaining staff (Non-Certified by the Copper Institute) up for the Personal Trainer course in Dallas, TX. It is my GOAL to have my entire TEAM, "Cooper Certified." (Currently 3 of 6 are.)
- Speak to representative from Local College about internships offers and potential training "students."
(DONE today!)
- Spend more time with my family.

Frank Pucher

Sunday, May 10, 2009

11 Weeks Out

Another week already? I don't know where the days go!?

Sunday: Long Branch 1/2 Marathon, running an easy "unofficial" 1:39. Felt good, arch hurt several times, but overall not bad.
Monday: 40 minute swim.
Tuesday: 90 minute bike, strength work in the p.m.
Wednesday: 1 hour run, not feeling so good. Arch ok, but stomach was "blahhh"
Thursday: 90 minute bike, strength work in the p.m.
Friday: 45 minute swim, felt pretty good!
Saturday: a very humid 90 minute run. Felt good and arch seemed ok.

I still haven't picked up my bike. Work has been busy and time is short. That is GOAL # 1 this week. I'm feeling very balanced in my training as of right now, I'm a little concerned about the hills coming my way on the bike, but I'll climb that mountain when I reach it.
I may need to start doubling my workouts on some days as this will be a TRIATHLON?

Frank Pucher

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hibachi 10

Today we hit our Hibachi 10 mark! Lori signed up 2 new clients today and we are set for dinner;
May 15th @ 7pm in Denville. Needless to say the TEAM is pumped up big time.
Great Job TEAM - Great Job!


Facility News

Spring is finally here! Many of you have returned to the Golf Course after a long winter’s layoff; speak to your trainer about integrating some “golf specific” exercises into your regular routine and you’ll be ‘feeling and playing’ better in no time. We will introduce our “New” exercise toy the TRX Suspension Trainer in the coming weeks. This seemingly simple device is the ideal conditioning tool as it allows an appropriate level workout for everyone; Advanced Athletes to those Rehabbing Old Injuries will benefit from the TRX.

2 Free Sessions
At Fitness 121 we appreciate your business and support. We recognize that many people would benefit from the outstanding service that we provide. If any friend or family member joins us with your referral we will add 2 sessions to your current package as our Thank You.

The Team @ Fitness 121

Monday, May 4, 2009

Get Over it

During my run on Sunday someone asked me "what I was training for?" I replied "I'm doing an IRONMAN this July." After the "WOW's and That's great" the questions switched to "How far you swimming, cycling, running, how many days/hrs etc?"
I began to question myself when I described my training schedule and the guy shot me a "is that it?" look.
Refusing to second guess myself I explained that (like life) training for IRONMAN isn't about executing a perfect plan, it's about adjusting to situations and managing the moment. Nothing goes as it should in life, training or Ironman; in having this knowledge and accepting it -we can adjust our plan accordingly and keep at it.
So to all in life, all who train for anything. "Don't let distractions take over. Take over distractions." Lose the excuses.

The truth is that there has never been worse time for me to train for this event; My foot hurts, the economy is shaky, I'm working longer and I am commited to not waking up at 3am or eatining dinner at 9pm. So I'm forced to do more with less under less than ideal circumstances, just like in life; just like an IRONMAN.

"Excuses are the nails upon which a house of failure is built."

Frank Pucher

12 Weeks Out

I had every intention of this being a "stellar" week. However, the weather and work schedule had other plans.

Sunday: 90 minute run, felt very good -except for the arch pain that still exists.
Monday: Swim 60 minutes
Tuesday: Bike 90 minutes & strength train.
Wednesday: Bike 60 minutes
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: I'm very Rested again today.

I ran the Long Branch 1/2 Marathon on Sunday and "surprise" felt very rested and ran well.
Following my run I proceeded to stand around in the rain for another 4hours watching my friends/clients finish their races.

Next week had better be a better training week as I have 4 weeks till a 1/2 Ironman scheduled in PA. I plan on picking up my Bike (finally) this week and getting back on that saddle.
Perhaps next week will be stellar?

Frank Pucher