Friday, August 20, 2010

Nutrition Thoughts

First let me say that I have no degree or formal training in Nutrition (or Grammar for that matter) so be warned! Not only am I an un-reliable source of "legitimate" information, but I lost the 5th grade spelling bee, for failing to capitalize the (I) in indian.

Nutrition is a HOT topic for all fitness enthusiasts, even those less than enthused are interested in learning how to "eat better." Over the years I've learned a couple of things about food, drink and how to put it all together. Here is what I've discovered:

* I feel better when I eat breakfast. Along with Coffee each morning.
* Oatmeal of any kind works very well to keep me full and energized (add some walnuts or almonds for an extra Protein punch.)
* A PB&J Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread is a great alternative.
* Water, Water, Water; Each meal & All day. You don't drink enough.
* If you are overweight, you don't! Sleepy, you don't! No matter what, you don't!
* Stop drinking juice, it's 200 calories and you haven't eaten anything.
* Lunch should have Protein in it, Eggs, Meat, Fish, Beans...all good, add some fruit or veggies and there you go.
* Dinner should also have Protein and vegetables and possibly some Whole Grain Pasta or Brown Rice. I don't care how late or what time it is. Dinner is when my fork hits the plate.
* Snacks aren't needed. You're not THAT hungry.
* Unless your THAT hungry! Then eat more fruit or nuts (any kind) and drink more water.
* Wine or Beer? I love them both, when I drink Wine I feel good and sleep great, when I drink beer I think I'm 20 years old again and I start staying up late. I don't know why?
* Limit your intake of both to no more than 1 per night (unless you work the night shift, then I suggest you drink in the morning.)
* I "occasionally" will have an extra glass on the weekends (most every weekend, Fri-Sat-Sun.) If I drink more water before bed, I feel great the next day.
* During my life (this one) these tips have served me well, I wish you the same good fortune.

Frank Pucher
Fitness 121

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I recently was interviewed for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group (of which I belong).
The title was "Lessons from the last Century".. How we gained 100 clients in 16 months?

The topics covered were on Business Growth, Client Acquisition, Success, Failure, Justin Bieber (not) and a host of other topics.
Put your tray tables in the upright and locked position, we are ready for take-off!


Frank Pucher
Fitness 121

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Just Came To Me

‎"Short term motivation never leads to lasting change. Only through daily practice will we achieve meaningful results."

-Frank Pucher

Do with that what you will!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

You Gotta Move

I've always said that "Movement" is the key to living longer.
This photo proves it!

Frank Pucher
-Fitness 121