Monday, November 30, 2009

Toys for Tots

Between December 1st & December 18th we will be collecting toys at Fitness 121.

There are many-many families this year that are less fortunate;Please help us to give a child a nice holiday.

New unwrapped toys are needed for children of all ages. Toys may be dropped off at the front desk.

Fitness 121 has joined with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve to collect & distribute these toys to children in our community this season. Please help us!

"We can do so much for those that are expecting so little."

-Frank Pucher & The TEAM at Fitness 121

Friday, November 27, 2009

A 90 Day Wonder

* If you are 'stuck' trying to get "things" done. Try my FREE accountability program.
Answer the following questions (as many/few as you feel). I do this every 3 months and I wouldn't if it didn't work! For added POWER, email me your answers
We can review this in 90 days and see what you did.
** This is HIGHLY effective, but only if you write it down keep it visible.
I have chosen to show all what I have done & will do. Will you join me?

1. What have you accomplished in the last 90 Days?
- Added 25 client hrs to our facility.
- Started selling Body Balance Liquid Nutrition.
- Presented at the Essex County In-Biz Expo.
- Named "Runner Up for Best Fitness Facility in Essex County."
- Voted #1 "Personal Training Center."
- Was interviewed by 2 different publications.
- Named "One of the Top Personal Trainers in America" on Sept 19th in Red Bank, NJ.
- Rehabbed and coached several athletes to PR's and Award Winning Performances.
- Finished the Books: "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari." & "Crush It."
- Coached/Mentored several Fitness Professionals & Students.
- Celebrated my 40th Birthday!!

2. What are your current obstacles, challenges, and issues?
- Finding my next "thing."
- Keeping my focus sharp.
- Motivating/Educating my TEAM.
- Cutting business costs without reducing our exceptional service and atmosphere.
- Time management: Training - Coaching - Speaking - Writing - Learning. Lots of hats, only so much time.

3. What are you going to accomplish in the next 90 Days?
- Add another 20-30 clients hrs to our facility.
- Hire a Pilates Instructor.
- Market our "Golf Fitness Group Program." TBA
- Add another 2 Athletes to my "Run Coach" Program.
- Schedule talk at ESU to Exercise Science Club.
- Get our "In Action" shots on the BLOG.
- Book my trip to San Diego this March!!
- Sign-Up for Long Branch 1/2 Marathon. Train to Win my Age Group.
- Read: "The Greatness Guide" & at least 1 other book. TBD

- Frank Pucher

No Time Like Today.

Everyone is in a rush; no time to slow down and read, exercise, eat properly, take care of themselves or just sit and think.

I'm a problem solver (amongst my many talents) so here are some bullet solutions to life:
  • Stop watching so much TV; Read during that time instead.
  • Spend more time strength training than performing 'Cardio'; (if you are an endurance athlete this doesn't apply.) People lose their strength faster than they lose their aerobic capacity.
  • Drink more water than you do; Eat 2x the vegetables than you do; Sit down when you eat.
  • Start to take as much care of you as you do your car. It amazes me that people lease a car for 36 months and are meticulous about the quality of gas and frequency of the oil changes. Their body has to last a lifetime and they feed it garbage and give it little attention. "Checkup? Haven't had one in YEARS!"
  • Stare at the walls; Eat at the bar; Turn off the phone, email, and negative self talk for just 10-20 minutes daily. This reaps enormous benefits. "The quality of your life equals the quality of your thoughts" so think great thoughts if you desire a great life.

All of these suggestions may seem a little too simple. GREAT! You should have no problem using one today. Tomorrow, use another. It's your choice; It's your life. Make it GREAT!

-Frank Pucher

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Thank you:

- Francesca for being an amazing Wife & Friend.

- Corona for curling up next to me while falling asleep.

- My TEAM at Fitness 121 for making each day GREAT.

- The MM Group for allowing me to be a Teacher & Student.

- My clients who are friends; friends who are family; and family who have always been there.

- Happy Thanksgiving to all.

No matter how you spend your holiday. Get yourself to Fitness 121 on Friday to 'burn the bird'.....Thankfully, we will be rollin @ 6am.

See you there!

- Frank Pucher

Monday, November 23, 2009

Overheard Today

Lot's of chatter about the AMA's, Jennifer Lopez's oooops moment & weekend restaurant reviews. New Moon (Movie) brings in $140 million opening weekend!?!?

On Saturday, Francesca was in NYC at SweetiePie Restaurant talking to a FOX News Producer about the 'Falsehoods' being displayed on TV regarding Fitness & Nutrition.

Great excitement and last minute food shopping for the Thanksgiving Holiday coming up.

We will begin our search for a Full-Time Pilates Instructor.

The GIANTS Win! & The JETS Lose...Better hold off on the Hall of Fame Ceremony for Mr. Sanchez.

Sweatshirt sales are insane, we will place the order next Monday!

Clients are still buzzing about the Meatloaf Diaries from last week...very-very funny.

-Frank Pucher

Monday, November 16, 2009

A weekend to celebrate

Saturday night was spent with my family in Long Branch. Too many pictures so I share this one. Me and my friend Lisa. She is the 1st friend I ever made and has been a part of my life before I can remember. We hold a very special place in each others hearts & lives and her friendship is the most precious gift I continue to receive.

The NEW face of 40?

Friday night was our TEAM at Fitness 121's 3rd Hibachi 10 Celebration.
Always a great time and lots of laughs as we enjoy the results of our hard work.

Thank You everyone for a GREAT - GREAT weekend!
-Frank Pucher

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some 'Life' Feedback

Some Birthday Wishes!!!


I just want to share with you what a great and lasting impact you have made on my life. Rarely do you meet someone who is so driven and focused and yet ready to help anyone that comes along. You have made me want to be a better person and I thank you for that! Have a very Happy Birthday and we miss you!

Kimberly Wagler
Impulse Personal and Sports Training
7982 Whipple Ave. NW
North Canton, OH 44720



I just want to wish you a very happy 40th BIRTHDAY. A significant milestone my friend. I am so very excited for you Frank. I know you will find true happiness, achievement, fulfillment and success through the next decade. I found the "forties" to be some of the best times in my life - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually many things "came together" - achieved some HARMONY and viewed life and living from a great perspective.

I know you will take some time and make today a SPECIAL DAY, for you and for all who love you.

Many thanks again Frank for all your contributions to our group, I am grateful and continually blessed by your steadfast support and friendship. I know we have both benefited from having Rick Ivone in our lives, but as Rick often states reciprocal energy and flow back to the source - a resonace is what it's all about in realtionships.

I see many speaking engagements and presentations in your future Frank, you must continue to use this GIFT - you can and WILL impact many people in the industry and perhaps even more "outside" the industry.

INTENTION - BELIEF - TRUST - and ACTION will get it done.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK - you are one of the "good guys" man..


Larry Indiviglia
Fitness Director, Island Fitness
TD MMG Coach


Happy Birthday to someone who has made a positive difference in my life...your words of encouragement, your words that have brought a "smile" to my face, your words of wisdom and guidance and OHHH! your words that have made me laugh...and to think I haven't ever even seen you eye-to-eye...yet, I REALLY like YOU! You have a "gift" Frank....a real gift. The passion that you have for LIFE- shines BRIGHT!!...and the fact that YOU really CARE about people...and the way you "reach out" to others in EXTRAordinary ways makes YOU just different (in a gREAT way!)
So, with that's to YOU, a GREAT individual...hoping that today, YOUR DAY, is a GREAT one!!!
Every year that passes is another stepping stone to greatness...and then some!!! Get it, FRANK!!!...actually, I think YOU already GOT it!!!
your friend in fitness, alexis

Looking Back Ahead

Today is my 40th B-day!

However, my present came earlier this week. I received an email from one of my college teammates 'Gayland Aston.' It was a few "Old Photos" he dug out from 1992 with some of our Friends & Team from ESU.

There is something amazing about old photos and how they bring you back to 'that time' in your life. I smiled as I saw some friends not seen in years and an ex-girlfriend who is now married with 3 children. I looked at myself (now thinking) "if only I knew then......" I guess we all do that? Francesca laughed out loud (looking at the photo) saying "You still look the same!"

Thank you G, for the chance to look back. I don't do that enough and I know that those days where some of the best ever!

It's almost time for me to hit the showers and get to work; but my gift to myself is to not plan my day. I'll simply enjoy what happens. That was the best part of my College Days the 'surprise around the corner.' Somewhere between Graduation and Mortgage Payments that seems to get lost?

* I just received a text message from my friend Chris Adams "Happy Birthday Gramps."
It's going to be one of those days! *

Frank Pucher

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sweatshirts & Tech Shirts

We have had multiple requests for the new Fitness 121 Sweatshirts and SportTech
T-shirts that our TEAM has been wearing as of late. If you are interested in purchasing a Sweatshirt or a 'Tech T-Shirt' we will place the order on November 30th and receive them around the 2nd week of December.

The Black Full-Zip Hoodie Sweatshirts (Hanes 50/50 Comfort-blend Fleece)
-Stitched with the Fitness 121 Logo! Originally: $45.99 Now: $40

The SportTech Fitness 121 Shirt in Black.
- Screened White Center Logo! Originally: $27.50 Still: $27.50

Stop by the front desk to place your order. These products run true to size and are very durable. Feel free to speak to Gary/Frank if you have product questions. (Sizes Run S-XXL.)

You'll love the Sweatshirts & Tech Shirts too!

Frank Pucher

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Feet

I received an S.O.S. email from my Ironman amiga "Rachel" the other day. She was asking my opinion on 'Barefoot Running.' A popular debate in the running world as of late. Being the go-to guy on such queries I decided to write a little opinion piece on the subject. For those seeking a more intellectual read I suggest the NY Times who recently wrote on the subject.

The hoopla comes from Christopher McDougall, author of "Born To Run." He makes an impressive case for barefoot running. He sites his time with the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s deadly Copper Canyons who have been barefoot running since childhood. McDougall's book is an impressive piece which blends both scientific and practical case studies to show how running barefoot may help to prevent injuries.

The theory goes that running barefoot strengthens the muscles & tendons of the foot and lower leg. Running in cushioned shoes (running shoes) with stabilizers and support properties weakens the body by failing to encourage these same muscles to get stronger. As a result of poor lower leg strength we are exposed to an array of running injuries: Plantar Faciaitis, Shin Splints, Achilles Tendonitis, Etc. In many regards I agree. The problem is where the rubber meets the road (or lack thereof.) It is my contention that running barefoot as an adult will lead to injury faster than sensibly paced & progressed mileage in any decent running shoe.

Don't believe me? Believe your feet! Go to your local HS track and run barefoot. Try this for a few days and tell me what you think.

There is truth that running shoes act as a crutch/brace to the muscles in your feet. However, they also protect us from sharp objects, slippery surfaces and the impact of the earth beneath us. I blame less the folks at Nike and Adidas and more the overzealous running programs that most people are attempting as the blame for the injury rate in running. More truth is that "all non-traumatic injuries are training related. All “itises” are overuse.If you didn't fall off something or get hit by something, you did something wrong in your training!"

Most endurance athletes develop injuries not due to excessive footwear, but due to an excessive mentality. "If 5 miles is good than 8 miles must be better. I can go faster, I don't need rest, I never take a day off." Thus begins the injury cycle:
Ingestion - Anti-Inflamatories.
Incision-"Let's take a look."

This is followed by Physical Therapy which is like crack to the Endurance Athlete. Physical Therapists love these patients because they know they'll be back. Again & Again.

So what to do? Give up Running? NO. Don't just train - Train Smart. Fix the weak links, Get adequate rest, Eat appropriate nutrition and wear running shoes that are proper for your foot.

Running barefoot is great for the beach and maybe certain Mexican Indians but I can't endorse it as the solution for all that ails my running Amigos & Amigas.

Frank Pucher

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fitness 121 Recommends November 09'

The Airex Pad is becoming one of our favorite 'tools' at Fitness 121.

This simple device is perfect for developing strength and stability in the hip & low back.
We use it daily for Pilates, Core Work and even Shoulder Strengthening.

Check out the FREE exercise menu here: Airex Samples

* Please speak to one of the trainers about the many ways to use the AIREX PAD. This is one of the better devices I have come across over the years. I use it each day with my athletes and those with low back & knee pain. It is a GREAT-GREAT device!

Frank Pucher