Friday, December 31, 2010

Lessons from the Last Century (100 Clients)

I was interviewed for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group (of which I belong).
The title was "Lessons from the last Century".. How we gained 100 clients in 16 months?

The topics covered were on Business Growth, Client Acquisition, Success, Failure, Justin Bieber (not) and a host of other topics.
Put your tray tables in the upright and locked position, we are ready for take-off!


Frank Pucher
Fitness 121

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top 5 Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

1) Exercising early in the morning "jump starts" your metabolism, keeping it elevated for hours, sometimes for up to 24 hours! As a result, you'll be burning more calories all day long--just because you exercised in the morning.

2) Exercising in the morning energizes you for the day--not to mention that gratifying feeling of virtue you have knowing you've done something disciplined and good for you. (Much better than a worm!)

3) Studies have shown that exercise significantly increases mental acuity--a benefit that lasts four to ten hours after your workout ends. Exercising in the a.m. means you get to harness that brainpower, instead of wasting it while you're snoozing.

4) Assuming you make exercise a true priority, it shouldn't be a major problem to get up 30 to 60 minutes earlier--especially since regular exercise generally means a higher quality of sleep, which in turn means you'll probably require less sleep. (If getting up 30 to 60 minutes earlier each day seems too daunting, you can ease into it with 10 to 20 minutes at first.)

5) When you exercise at about the same time every morning--especially if you wake up regularly at about the same time--you're regulating your body's endocrine system and circadian rhythms. Your body learns that you do the same thing just about every day, and it begins to prepare for waking and exercise several hours before you actually open your eyes.
Exercise Extra: More than 90% of those who exercise consistently have a morning fitness routine. If you want to exercise on a regular basis, the odds are in your favor if you squeeze your workout into the a.m.

- Frank Pucher

Fitness 121 Personal Training
Named "Best Exercise Studio" - NJ Monthly Magazine.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy New Year

No, my calender isn't 'Off'.
I got to thinking this weekend about 2011 and some goals to take action on. Then it hit me. Why wait?
What if we attacked our goals with NEW YEAR'S like RESOLUTION - TODAY!!

Don't wait a month or another day. Start NOW.

1) Trim the fat from your life.
- What are you lugging around that just isn't working for you? Relationships? Materialistic item that no longer work or serve a purpose? Get lean.

2) Cut the fat at work also.
- Maybe it's time to let "THAT" employee go. Or perhaps "THAT" client. Anything or Anyone that doesn't serve YOUR BEST SELF - Consider giving the Adios (but in the nicest way possible).

3) Get your WALLET right!
- Are you investing? I don't mean Stock & Mutual Funds. I mean are you spending money on things that enable your Best!
Your Best Health? Your Best Happiness? Your Best Mind? Your Best Future? Respect your money. After all you work for it!

4) Let's make a deal.
- Go to your bank, CC processors, printing companies, internet providers, etc. Tell them you'd "like to close your account!" They will most certainly ask why and when they do tell them "I know I can get a better rate elsewhere!" You'll be surprised at how they will be happy to "review your fees in order to keep you."

5) Align your actions with your rhetoric.
- We all have struggles and battles. But if we are going to preach "World Class Fitness" we better walk the talk. Now, I'm not saying you need 6 pack abs and have to complete the Tour De France. I'm simply saying that YOU NEED TO MAKE FITNESS A PRIORITY. Now would be a GREAT time to start.

Frank Pucher

Fitness 121 Roseland, NJ
Named New Jersey's "Best Exercise Studio" by NJ Monthly Magazine

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Out-Live the Turkey Contest

5-Week FREE Calorie Crushing Contest at Fitness 121
(November 26th – January 1st)

Did you know that the average person gains between 7 – 10 pounds during the holidays? This CANNOT BE YOU--YOU cannot afford to be AVERAGE this year! OUT-LIVE THE TURKEY!!

This holiday season Fitness 121 is giving away over $1,000.00 in prizes in order to help you NOT BECOME A STATISTIC. You can earn $100 cash & up to $250.00 towards any of our services for winning this FREE CONTEST. This includes PERSONAL TRAINING, PILATES, H.E.E.D. COACHING, or DUET FITNESS TRAINING.

Do something positive to CREATE SUCCESS this holiday season!

Lose Weight!
Get Results!
Be Accountable for Your Actions!
Do Something Positive for Others!


100 Points for each (50 min) Personal Training Session or Personal Pilates at Fitness 121.

50 Points for each (30 min) Personal Training or Pilates Session at Fitness 121.

100 Points for Every Pound You Lose from WEIGH IN TO WEIGH OUT (between Nov. 26th or Nov 29th – Dec. 31st.)

10 Points for Every Day that You Keep a FOOD JOURNAL.

10 Points for Every Can of Food that You Bring in for our HOLIDAY FOOD DRIVE for the Less Fortunate.

20 Points for Every Toy You Bring in for TOYS FOR TOTS.


100 Bonus Points for any other organized running event that is at least 5K throughout entire contest.
200 Bonus Points for EACH Referral (New Client That Joins our Facility) during the dates of the contest.

1 Point for EVERY MINUTE of CARDIO YOU COMPLETE at FITNESS 121 on YOUR OWN. (Before Session, After Session, or Non-Training Day).


1) Turn in your complete EXERCISE/ACTIVITY log sheets weekly! We will provide you with the forms.
2) Turn in your FOOD JOURNALS weekly! We will provide a food log or you can use
3) You are RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING TRACK OF YOUR POINTS AND HANDING THEM IN! Turning in points more than one week late will result in those points NOT COUNTING!
4) The HONOR CODE is in effect with this contest!
5) You are responsible for getting your weekly #'s to Lori or Jeff each week!

They will Chart Your Numbers on Fitness 121’s “Out Live The Turkey” board and move your forward as you collect points.

Inquire with Lori or Jeff if you have any other questions!
Don’t miss this chance to STAY HEALTHY and WIN PRIZES!


The top TWO MEN and top TWO WOMEN will win the following:

1st Place Male & Female:

& $100 Cash!!!

2nd Place Male & Female:

WEEKLY Raffle Prizes for Participants Include:
$25 Whole Foods Gifts Cards.


Friday, October 22, 2010

5 (more) Tips For Running A More Successful Personal Training Business.

1) Sell Solutions - What is your client's NEED? It might be a physical one (back pain) or maybe it's a social one (need someone to speak to). I know that some Personal Trainers like to say things like "I'm not a therapist. I don't want to listen to their problems." My reply to you all is "You are only acting like a therapist when you attempt to treat and diagnose their issues/problems." Listening is a required skill in ANY service business, (like it or not!) Put another way. You're not a football coach either, but you'll gladly discuss the bad play calling from last Sunday! Bottom line: You are paid to make people feel better, and the physical is only half the battle sometimes.

2) Stop Counting - I know 3 sets of 10 are the 'unwritten rule' but what if? What if you said "give me as many as you can?"
Isn't the idea of reps to challenge us to near fatigue? Stop counting, start pushing (or pulling). Have some fun dammit!

3) Walking makes you FAT - OK that's not technically true, but it's the least effective way to burn calories or raise your Heart Rate.
Put your clients on a Bike, Elliptical, or Rowing Machine if available. If not, then teach them to walk, run, rest, and repeat. The workouts will be more efficient, effective, and fun.

4) Educate - Teach your clients some basic exercises or movements that they can perform on their own. Better yet, educate them on "The benefits of these particular exercises." Do Not give them the exercise of the month from some magazine. Give them something that they not only Can Do, but Should Do!

5) Care (for REAL) - A noble idea. What if you actually cared about your client? Cared about their Goals, Needs, Limitations, Problems, and More? Are they training to lose weight? Do you weigh them in weekly and check in mid-week for a quick 'pep talk?'
Do they have high blood pressure? How often do you monitor this? Do they have back pain? Are you correcting their form & posture when you see them warming up? When your clients know that you have their interests in mind, they'll have more of an interest in your success.

-Frank Pucher

Frank Pucher is the Owner and C.E.O. (Creative Energetic Optimist) of Fitness 121 Personal Training in Roseland, NJ.
Fitness 121 was named New Jersey's "Best Exercise Studio" by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. The studio specializes in Personal Training & Pilates for a diverse clientele. Visit for more information.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


You'd feel cheated if you invested a lot of money to purchase a product and ended up with a piece of worthless junk. When you spend your money, you naturally want to get something of value in return.
Do you have the same high standards when it comes to the way you spend your time? (and who you spend it with?)
After all, your time is even more valuable than money. When you spend your precious time, it's important to get something of high value in return.

So invest your time in creating a life of Excellence. Whatever you do, do it with passion. Make it count for something. Give the best you have to the effort. By doing something halfway you cheat yourself out of an irreplaceable opportunity to create Excellence. Why would you want to do that?

If you can't get passionate about what you're doing, then find something else to do. There is a wealth of Excellence within you that is itching to get out. Let it happen. Be fully alive. Pursue Excellence, cultivate Excellence in your own life, appreciate Excellence in the world around you, and live each moment with Excellence.

Right now, you're alive and living in a world filled with possibilities. Today, Live with Excellence, and make the most of every minute.

Have an Excellent Day!

Frank Pucher

Friday, October 1, 2010

Evaluating the Fitness Assessment

Whenever I see a "Fitness Expert" on a News segment giving information, I notice that the seemingly unfit and unhealthy in the audience are simply handed the Fitness Toy Du Jour or a pair of Dumbbells and are told, "That's all you need!" While it's nice to see these people finally start to take control of their health and fitness, I can't excuse the apparent blasé attitude that so called "Experts" have towards fitness training. Any Professional of value would first explain the benefits of a comprehensive fitness assessment before developing any kind of fitness program. A quality assessment should include a Health History Review, followed by measurements of Resting Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular & Muscular Strength along with a comparison of the Anterior and Posterior Muscles. A ROM assessment along with either a Body Fat Analysis or a BMI Measurement is also suggested. Further assessment may also be performed of an individual's Dietary Habits.

I understand that limited time is allotted for these News segments, but I don't feel that Fitness (or lack thereof) is something that we should just squeeze into the news. After all, the next news segment is about how Diabetes and Adolescent Obesity are on the rise. Just look at the statistics; Heart Disease is still the leading killer. The largest costs for those taking prescriptive medicines are for Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure and Pain Medicine (usually for Arthritic Conditions). All of these can be partially treated with a sensible and intelligent exercise program. I guess my question is: Why don't news segments report more on the cure and less on the problem? As Fitness Professionals we are on the front lines in this battle. Let's not contribute to the problem by allowing complacency into our field.

The reason for Fitness Assessment is not to sell more Memberships or Personal Training Sessions. Rather, it is to educate and motivate our clients. It provides the blue print and the basis for our exercise selection. As the Cliché says, "If you not assessing, you're just guessing".

It's an interesting time for Fitness Professionals: practical know-how and science are now at our fingertips, so let us use them. Although Fitness Training is an Art, Science is a tool of that Art. We know that Fitness is not a one size fits all business, let's make sure that the public and our clients understand that, too.

-Frank Pucher

Note: I was provoked into writing this article after watching 'another' news segment with a Trainer and an audience (some dressed in heels and some in flip flops) jumping rope and performing lunges. In favor of movement - just not at the expense of safety!

A Graduate of East Stroudsburg University, Frank has over 15 years experience in the Fitness Industry. His Certifications include The American Council on Exercise (ACE), The National Endurance Sports Trainers Association (NESTA), and The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research. A sought out speaker and author on topics from Athletic Performance to Injury Prevention; Frank is the owner of Fitness 121: a personalized Fitness & Pilates studio located in Roseland, NJ. Visit his website:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Larry Indiviglia Interview

Here is the link to my latest interview.

Listen to the Interview

My interview was with my Coach, Confidant, & Friend 'Larry Indiviglia'.

This is a must listen for all Fitness Professionals.

-Frank Pucher

Monday, September 27, 2010

5 Tips For Running A More Successful Personal Training Business

(If you train clients - you have a personal training business!!)

1) The lights are always on - You cannot simply walk out the door at night or on weekends and fail to think about your clients, your skills, or future clients and expect to be successful. Work is always happening; with every stranger we encounter and every gathering we attend. I know many/plenty of trainers who leave work and don't think about it (work) until they walk back in the next day or the following Monday; they always complain about "not earning what they deserve."

2) A tired mind in a tired body - Give your clients the workout they need both Mentally & Physically. Maybe your client doesn't need to do the workout you think they can handle? Maybe they need the workout that is all they can handle ?. Every session is an assessment - what does your client need today? More or Less? Know that, and you'll keep clients happier & longer.

3) Make investments - Continued education isn't just attending conferences about how to use the latest exercise toys. It's spending time focusing on weakness. Not client weaknesses, but YOUR weaknesses! Are you great at "training" but bad at getting and retaining clients? Maybe you need to invest in your communication muscles? Start to read books on Selling & Customer Service. Attend a Toastmasters workshop. Look, Listen, & Speak to people who do what you do only more successfully. Spend time working on weakness isn't just good client advice, it's good YOU advice.

4) "BE the Ball" - OK, I made that up. Years ago one of my former employees told me that he "really wants to look the part" of being a great personal trainer. It sounded good and he had sincerity in his voice before I lowered the boom on him. I told him "Mike, that's the problem. You want to look the part and not BE the part." I explained that showing up early, planning an outline of what you'd like to have the client do, adjusting that plan based on the client's need & energy for that session, dressing appropriately, speaking professionally, being clean, having fresh breath, walking the talk, aligning actions & convictions, and thanking each client after each session are all BEING the part. Buying a new NIKE shirt is looking the part.

5) It's not Personal. It's Business. No, It's a Personal Training Business - Yes. I would do this for FREE. I have done this for FREE. However, I won't do this for FREE. I do this because helping people improve their lives through better fitness is WHO I AM. I want people to live better lives and I have the skills to help. Helping people live better is a great service to provide, and great service is worthy of compensation. Get comfortable speaking to people about money. Your time is valuable and you need to respect it. Simply put the best way to respect your clients time & money is to respect your own.

-Frank Pucher

Frank Pucher is the Owner and C.E.O. (Creative Energetic Optimist) of Fitness 121 Personal Training in Roseland, NJ.
Fitness 121 was named New Jersey's "Best Exercise Studio" by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. The studio specializes in Personal Training & Pilates for a diverse clientele. Visit for more information.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Positive Side

With every ending comes also a new beginning. With every disappointment comes a new opportunity for success.
With every mistake comes a new and valuable lesson to be learned. With every setback comes a new position from which to move forward.

With every frustration comes the energy to move to a higher level of achievement. With every challenge comes a new strategy for taking action.

With every time of darkness comes the chance to make a real difference by shining your own special light. With every sadness comes a deeper appreciation for the joys that life can hold.

With every difficulty comes a new level of strength to be gained. With every loss comes an increased determination to win.

Though life has many pitfalls and problems, there is a positive side to every one of them. Choose to see and live that positive reality, and no problem will be a problem for long.

Enjoy the day.

Frank Pucher

Friday, September 3, 2010

More Than You Think You Can

Go ahead and give it a shot. Nothing is more empowering than successfully doing something you thought you could not do.
When you surpass one assumption, you'll begin to question other limiting assumptions. When you step out of your comfort zone and taste success, you're suddenly confronted with a whole new level of exciting possibilities.

What have you always told yourself that you're not capable of doing? Imagine what would happen if you went ahead and successfully did it.

Your whole concept of what is possible will radically change. Your confidence will skyrocket to amazing levels.

Take the first step, because you know you can go at least that far. You'll quickly discover that the next step is within your reach, and then the next one, and the one after that.

See it through, and succeed at doing what you previously thought you could not do. Feel the full power of your own intention.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nutrition Thoughts

First let me say that I have no degree or formal training in Nutrition (or Grammar for that matter) so be warned! Not only am I an un-reliable source of "legitimate" information, but I lost the 5th grade spelling bee, for failing to capitalize the (I) in indian.

Nutrition is a HOT topic for all fitness enthusiasts, even those less than enthused are interested in learning how to "eat better." Over the years I've learned a couple of things about food, drink and how to put it all together. Here is what I've discovered:

* I feel better when I eat breakfast. Along with Coffee each morning.
* Oatmeal of any kind works very well to keep me full and energized (add some walnuts or almonds for an extra Protein punch.)
* A PB&J Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread is a great alternative.
* Water, Water, Water; Each meal & All day. You don't drink enough.
* If you are overweight, you don't! Sleepy, you don't! No matter what, you don't!
* Stop drinking juice, it's 200 calories and you haven't eaten anything.
* Lunch should have Protein in it, Eggs, Meat, Fish, Beans...all good, add some fruit or veggies and there you go.
* Dinner should also have Protein and vegetables and possibly some Whole Grain Pasta or Brown Rice. I don't care how late or what time it is. Dinner is when my fork hits the plate.
* Snacks aren't needed. You're not THAT hungry.
* Unless your THAT hungry! Then eat more fruit or nuts (any kind) and drink more water.
* Wine or Beer? I love them both, when I drink Wine I feel good and sleep great, when I drink beer I think I'm 20 years old again and I start staying up late. I don't know why?
* Limit your intake of both to no more than 1 per night (unless you work the night shift, then I suggest you drink in the morning.)
* I "occasionally" will have an extra glass on the weekends (most every weekend, Fri-Sat-Sun.) If I drink more water before bed, I feel great the next day.
* During my life (this one) these tips have served me well, I wish you the same good fortune.

Frank Pucher
Fitness 121

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I recently was interviewed for the Todd Durkin Mastermind Group (of which I belong).
The title was "Lessons from the last Century".. How we gained 100 clients in 16 months?

The topics covered were on Business Growth, Client Acquisition, Success, Failure, Justin Bieber (not) and a host of other topics.
Put your tray tables in the upright and locked position, we are ready for take-off!


Frank Pucher
Fitness 121

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Just Came To Me

‎"Short term motivation never leads to lasting change. Only through daily practice will we achieve meaningful results."

-Frank Pucher

Do with that what you will!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

You Gotta Move

I've always said that "Movement" is the key to living longer.
This photo proves it!

Frank Pucher
-Fitness 121

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ironman 2.0

I hit the send button on my registration for the 2011 IRONMAN in LAKE PLACID next July. It seemed crazy that I sat in front of the computer waiting for 12:00pm est to arrive (at first). That is until at 12:30pm my friend Rachel called to tell me that registration is closed out!!!

Fortunately, I had made the cut. She'll make it in through the Community Fund, so all that matters is that we'll have a collection of friends up there competing next year.

Even though the event is 12 months away I went to the Chiropractor today to start getting the body put back in place. While there my body was making sounds that no human body should make. Things were popping and cracking and I think I heard a ring-tone?

It will be exciting to return to Lake Placid after a year off.

Why Return? Because it's going hurt and the hurt reminds us that we are alive.

Frank Pucher

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Right Now

The place to start is where you are. The way to start is by doing what you can, with what you know, using what you have.
You may get it wrong at first. But if you wait until you're sure you can get it perfect, you'll never get it done.

The best learning comes from doing. The way to get the experience you seek is to get busy without hesitation.

The longer you wait to get started, the more powerful your doubts will grow. Jump in right away, get going, and those doubts won't have a chance to take hold.

Time always moves forward whether you move forward or not. Your most effective strategy is to make use of each moment as soon as it arrives.

There's no end to what you can accomplish if you'll just go ahead and get going. Now is what you have, so make NOW your time to begin.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Get It Done.

You've got a lot to get through today, so jump right in. You've got a lot to get through today, so remind yourself what a true blessing it is.

In all that you must do are multiple opportunities to make a difference in your world. That list of things to do is a list of ways in which you can have a positive impact.

You may not get it all finished today, but that's no reason to delay or be discouraged. On the contrary, that's a reason to get going just as soon as you can.

You may not get it all done perfectly (few seldom do), but that's no reason to avoid doing it. Do your best with what you have, from where you are, with the time available, and though it may not be perfect, it will be great, and it will be done.

Certainly you'll make some mistakes, and maybe you'll experience some disappointment or embarrassment. Yet at the end of the day, you'll have some real, substantive accomplishments under your belt, and they'll be well worth whatever you had to endure.

In what you must get done, there is immense opportunity. Get busy, get it done, and reap the rewards that are yours to create.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Title

From now on I wish to be called Ambassador

Hello from Lärabar!

Congratulations! You have been selected to be an Ambassador for Lärabar! We are so grateful to have you as a member of our team and so thankful for all you have done and will continue to do to support our brand. You have been chosen by us because you exemplify Lärabars mission – demonstrating healthy eating and inspiring those around you to make positive lifestyle choices through your passion for healthy living.
You should be receiving a welcome letter along with your (100) Lärabar Minis, Lärabar stickers and pamphlets to hand out as you see fit within the next month. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email me.

Thanks again for your interest in Lärabar and for joining our distinguished Ambassador list!
Stacy Johnson

S t a c y J o h n s o n
Marketing Coordinator

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rise above it all

You can see much farther from the top of the mountain than you can from the lowest point in the valley. So raise your perspective, and climb that mountain.
Raising your perspective will enable you to see many more possibilities. And you'll be able to move more effectively toward them.

When you're on the same level as your problems, those problems can seem overwhelming. Yet when you raise yourself just a little bit above those problems, the picture changes dramatically in your favor.

You may feel tempted to try and push the problems down to a lower level, but that will not work. The challenges and obstacles are what they are, and it does no good to pretend any differently.

A much more effective strategy is to accept the situation for what it is, and then to raise yourself above it. Visualize how you would think, how you would feel, and what you would do if you were at a higher level of awareness and effectiveness.

Then, live out that vision and think those thoughts, feel those feelings, take those actions. Rise above the challenges, and from the perspective of higher ground, move successfully beyond them.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Real Men Cook...For their dogs!

Last week our Dog "Corona" wasn't feeling well. So we called the vet to schedule an appointment. The initial diagnosis was an infection in her Urinary Tract. So we were given 2 medicines; an Anti-Inflammatory and an Anti-Biotic. We also tested Corona's Urine & Blood to check her Kidney & Liver function.

Fortunately, the test confirmed it was just an infection and that she would be fine after a few days. The only side-effect from the medicine is that she 'may struggle to go to the bathroom'. (She actually always struggles, as the door handle is too high for her to reach!)

This triggered the idea for me to make her food. What would I want to eat if I wanted something easily digestible and passable?
I started with a box of cooked multi-grain pasta, then I cooked up 1/2lbs. of some lean ground turkey and drained off any excess oil, I then added 1 can of peas and carrots.

I mixed all of it together in a large rubbermaid container and left it on the counter to cool. 30 minutes later 'Dinner was served'.
She LOVED it! 1 cup of food per serving, we have about 5 days worth.We decided to try breakfast also: So we fixed 1 packet of instant oatmeal and added an ice-cube to cool it. We also sliced up 1/4 banana and threw it all together. Let me tell you, for the last few days - we have 1 very Happy Dog!

The more I think about it "Why do we serve our Dogs food that we wouldn't eat?" I'll write about this some more to keep an update on this experiment.

Frank Pucher

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

90 Day Wonder Q3 2010

1) What have I done in the last 90 days?
- Worked on improving my home & work balance.
- Helped add 20-30 clients to Fitness 121
- Read 2 Books "The Magic of Thinking Big" & "The Secret" (re-read)
- Returned to World Class Shape. Well at least I'm the fittest guy in Town!
- Phased in more Blue Sky time on Wed's.
- Wrote a Testimonial for Kelli Corosanti's NEW Book!
- Got up to bat in LIFE & BUSINESS and am currently batting .500
Lesson: You will make mistakes have some success. Some may criticize you, pay them no mind - what's important is that you 'step-up to the plate' when called upon! That is SUCCESS my friends!

2) What is my biggest issue/obstacle?
- Signing up for any kind of event (nothing is exciting, except IRONMAN possibly?)
- Managing the "growth" of our business.
- Refine/Define my role at Fitness 121 over the next several years.
- Budgeting my "time" better; Balancing all things while I'm at it!
- Remembering that 'mistakes' lead to lessons; and lessons lead to wisdom.

3) What will I do/accomplish in the next 90 days?
- Organize and Host MM Gathering Sept 24th & 25th.
- Free up Wednesdays for "growth" work. (Blue Sky Day) Starting July 14th.
- Exercise 6x weekly, Eat Well & Improve Recovery Rituals.
- Add another 20 clients to our facility.
- CELEBRATE Hibachi 100!
- Perform at least 2 group talks.
- Read "Profiles in Courage" and 1 other book TBD.
- Get my bike fixed! Laser Fitted? What the hell, let's do this right!
- Sign up for IRONMAN 2011' (In the end we compete against ourselves and I can do better!)

**** In the next 90 days I WILL fulfill each of my BIG 5 for 2010 ****

-Frank Pucher

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Legendary Night

Francesca and I rode down to Red Bank, NJ to visit our friend Rick Ivone. This was no ordinary social call. Rick was hosting the "Greatest Long Distance Runner" in US History - Stu Mittleman. In fact he is in the US Long Distance Running Hall of Fame!

About Stu:
- He set three consecutive American 100-Mile Road Race records in the US National Championships 1980-1982. His fastest 100-Mile Run was 12 hours 56 minutes. In 1986, he won the 1,000 Mile World Championship and set a new world record by running the distance (1 609.344 kilometers) in 11 days, 20 hours 36 min. 56 sec. Mittleman set three consecutive American Records in the 6-Day Race, the final one being set in 1985 at the University of Colorado Field House. One record, which still stands: 577.75 miles in 6 Days. His greatest accomplishment is perhaps his 2927 mile Run Across America from San Diego to New York City. He completed this in 56 days! (That's 2 Marathons a day for 56 consecutive days.)

Now I'll be honest, I couldn't help but think "Could I do that?" I mean i'ts been done, so I know it's possible.
Then Stu mentioned how much the trip cost him in $$ and I thought to myself "I'm no longer curious!"

- Holds degress in Sociology, Sports Psychology, and Exercise Physiology.
- Was the 1st US athlete ever sponsored by Gatorade.
- Completed the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.
- He has appeared on ABC News' Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, CBS Sports Saturday, the CBS Evening News, Good Day New York,ESPN, and CNN.
- Stu lives with his three children, Beau, Mackenzie, and Alana Fayth, in Palm Desert, CA.

I've never finished a run and thought; "that was a waste of time."
-Frank Pucher
(apparently Stu either!)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yin & Yang

I was asked by a friend recently to write a testimonial for the back cover of her 2nd book!

When my mother finds out; this book is going to be a New York Times "Best Seller".

Love you Kelli, Thank you for thinking of me.

I am very blessed to have you as my friend.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday 6/18

I went for a mile run today. 'Stupid' Ice Cream Man just kept driving even though I was waving my money in the air!

Enjoy the weekend.

Frank Pucher
I've never finished a run and thought, 'that was a waste of time.'

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation Notes

I'm back home after 5 GREAT days in Naples, Florida. For those who have never been; let's just say that Naples is a playground for the Very Wealthy. However, after some scouring the NET and multiple visits to and I found some deals that enabled me to blend into the landscape.

I could go on but I'll give the bullet version of our trip with some things to think about.

1) We were booked on the 3-5th floor (part of 'deal') however upon arrival we mentioned it was our Anniversary and that come back "Every Year to Celebrate". Result: They upgraded us to the 17th floor w/ Amazing views of the Gulf.

- the service is always good at the Naples Grand Hotel but this year they really stepped up their "Good Morning and Hello Routine" each day they made everyone feel like it was their Anniversary - Birthday - Etc.

2) We went to one of our favorite restaurants one night and were promptly seated. We then sat there for 15 minutes without someone as much as acknowledging we were there. No Menu - No Glass of Water - No Waiter saying "I'll be right with you." So we got up and simply walked away...

- A bad night can happen, but poor service is a KILLER to a Service Business..

3) We walked to another place "Verginas" and were seated promptly with menus and a wine list. We enjoyed our Vino while viewing the menu; we had a GREAT experience and meal and the service was Top Notch.

- We will be back and I will recommend.

4) We witnessed a Couple on another night give all kinds of Grief, Complaints and Annoyance to our Waiter and the Hostess. It really appeared that they went out of their way to be difficult. Normally, I just talk about such people privately but I felt the need to interject.

I asked our waiter to have the hostess come to our table (He looked slightly concerned based on the issues he was having with our neighboring table.) I introduced myself and Francesca to the hostess and 'careful' to ensure our neighbor HEARD us I informed the Hostess and Waiter that everything we ordered was spectacular (it was), she replied with thanks and apologized if anything wasn't satisfactory as "One of the waiters called out at the last minute and the others we covering more tables than usual." I smiled and said "The success of any restaurant (or business) is how well you manage problems and in our professional opinion you all did spectacular." She then asked "What do you do?" To which I replied "My wife and I work for FOOD NETWORK." The hostess smiled right at me and said "You have just made my night."

- Did I FIB? "Sure" but the smile on her face was worth it. Plus, the silence from the next table over was even better!

5) On our last night we finished dinner and went to another spot for another glass of wine and some dessert. We talked about how great the trip has been and how everything and everyone made us feel so great. It's as if the community of Naples got together and said "times are tough, people are stressed and they need a break, let's WOW them every chance we can." With that, an older couple sits next to us at the bar and asks for the exact wine and dessert that Francesca and I were enjoying. We chuckled as if "that could be us in 30 years!" (Actually, that could be me now!!) Anyway, without them knowing, I instructed the bartender to charge us for their bill. We finished before them, wished them a nice evening and excused ourselves.

- Paying back or Paying forward is all the same thing. "Making people feel like a Million Bucks isn't just good for business, it's good for us all."

Ok, it was longer than I thought. But GREAT/Poor examples of Service - Commitment - Professionalism & Love were all on display. They always are.

Can you spot 'em?

Frank Pucher

Crossing The Line

cross: (verb) 1. to move from one side to another 2. to pass over mediocrity

With everything, there’s a line.

On one side of the line is a greater chance to give more, enjoy more, realize more. On the other side, there’s less of a chance.
And with each line, there’s a choice. You want to cross the line or you don’t. You want the better chance at meaningful – opportunity – impact – or you settle with the lesser chance.
Your choice.

It seems simple but…

Then there’ll be those times. Those times when in the short run it’ll seem like you can’t cross the line (no matter what you do). But then, those misses (those hurdles) in the short run will sometimes help you over the line in the long run (in a way you couldn’t have seen). They’ll serve as lessons, giving you more depth to your experience.
But you won’t know that at the time.
At the time, you’ll just see that line.
And it might seem like a wall.
But it really is just a line (a line you want to cross).
And it’s yours to cross but you have to decide (make that choice).

It seems simple but…

Then there’ll be those people. Those people who’ve decided they’d rather not cross the line and would prefer you didn’t either – they sprinkle in a little doubt, withhold a little encouragement, and step in the way.
Then there’ll be that inner voice. That inner voice that’ll remind you you’re not that special and things like that are for other people. (What are you thinking?)
Then there’ll be the work. The work that’ll be the real challenge that some people never face because of the false challenges from those times, those people, or that inner voice that keep us from trying (and bouncing back).
But there’s the line.
And it needs to be crossed.
And you can cross it.
It’s up to you.
(Which side will you choose?)

How to Cross the Line…

  1. Choose to commit. Make the choice to improve your chances to go beyond mediocrity. Approach the things you do with the intent to deliver / succeed / serve.
  2. Work hard. Good things are rarely easy (cheap). Real effort and attention are the fundamentals behind everything. (There are no quick fixes.) Earn your results.
  3. Focus. Eliminate distractions. Minimize exposure to negative people, thoughts, and things that don’t serve your intent.
  4. Bounce back. Learn from your mistakes and challenges and remember your choice to cross the line.
Not easy, but simple. (And it needs to be done.)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Scramble

June 8th, 2010

"You don't need to learn from mistakes; You will continue to make them. Better to learn how to handle mistakes once they occur."

Another 5 mile run day. Feeling good and ready for some good running on vacation.

Had a great conversation with my brother Gary over lunch regarding future Plans & Goals for Fitness 121. Exciting things!

"Live the life you want to live, it's the surest way to BE Happy."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Thoughts on Monday

June 6, 2010

When a problem arises, seek the "opportunity."
What you fear (only) holds power over you for as long as you resist it.

5 mile run today - feeling a little tired from yesterday.
Thinking of my Naples Home today - getting closer every day!
I'm 'car-less'; my lease ended today and I have no idea what I want to do?

"It's easy to succumb to negative thinking. After all, everyone else is doing it. But then again, not everyone seeks to live the life they desire, some even live a life of no desires - rather they seek to exist. That's not the life I choose, and therefore not the life I expect."

Some question or doubt that our "expectations" have anything to do with our "outcomes."

What do you think?

-Frank Pucher

Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Time Like Now.

Currently reading "The Magic of Thinking Big."

Another one of those ' Your Life is a Result of Your Thoughts' kind of books. Actually, I read quite a few of them, and to be honest I'm a pretty happy guy. In fact, most people (including strangers) offer questions like "are you ever in a bad mood?"

This morning after some coffee and some mind wandering, I got to thinking. "Is it all BS?"
Positive thinking? Can it really make a difference? If so, how much?

So, I'm putting it to the test. Rather than reading about it and thinking about it, starting today -I'm going to live it.
"365 days of Positive Thinking."

"When is a good time to start thinking positive? Next week, Next Year, or Right Now?"

Stay Tuned.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Comeback Profile

Aside from my increasing cupcake consumption, I am feeling good about my training comeback.
Been building my running base nicely and even ran a TEST on the Treadmill to measure my HR at various speeds (results: not to be revealed).

Working backwards I'm eyeing a Marathon in January, a 1/2 Marathon in October and a couple of 5k's this summer.

I'll probably add some other events to the menu as "competition is always the best workout!"

On the strength training side of the moon, I've become a big fan of the TRX. Probably due to the efficiency of my workouts on it. After a 5, 7, or 10 mile run I just don't want to be spending another 60 minutes 'lifting weights' and setting up benches and props.

My flexibility has always been pretty good but lately I've stopped stretching almost completely. Instead, I've been doing a lot more Foam Rolling. The 'Experts' say it's better than stretching for preventing injuries and increasing Range of Motion; I Agree!

I've got a little R&R (Running and Reading) planned for Naples next week. I think it'll be time for me to 'Toe a Starting Line' when I return. To my fellow 40yr old's and a few 'Young Punks' -
"Get Ready."

I've never finished a run and thought, "that was a waste of time."
-Frank Pucher

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 3 V's of Life

The 3 V’s of Life

  1. The Victor – Lives life with passion and authenticity. Always wanting to help, contribute, inspire greatness in others. A leader of life..especially their own. Lives a life of love not fear. Supports, creates and constantly gives back..always seeing the best in and of all situations. Problems are seen as opportunities to elevate your life.
  2. The Villain – Poisons the well. Always negating, criticizing, rational-lies-ing other human beings. The glass isn’t half empty..there’s NO glass. Crushes dreams of others. Cynical, conniving, close-minded but very persuasive in disseminating negative, self limiting propaganda. The destroyer’s of life and human potential. A gossip.
  3. The Victim – Never getting a break. Things always happen to rather than for them. Only existing through life rather than creating and living one. Dark, mundane, negative self-talk, purveyors of the impossible and you’ll never. The shadow people – Never living life outside of their circumstance. Followers and complainers. Low energy souls.
* These 3 roles are not mutually exclusive, each of us (at some point) play these roles in our lives. The role we Choose or Play (as Shakespeare mentioned) is our choice. As we become more aware of the role we play; we begin to understand that: "life is less about what happens to us and more about how we relate to what goes on around us."

Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Tips for Better Running

3 Tips for Better Running

By: Frank Pucher
"I've never finished a run and thought, THAT was a waste of time."

My education into running began in the fall of 1983 as a freshman in high school. With no background in the sport and no knowledge of how to prepare, I suffered many last place finishes including a few DNF's.

Through the guidance of some great coaches and my commitment to becoming a student of the sport, I began to enjoy better results and eventual praise. By the end of my senior year I was a MVP and a Champion.

At 17 years of age I discovered something valuable:
"Running is a metaphor for life. Sometimes things go well-Sometimes they don't. Your accomplishments are usually the result of your efforts and talent is a poor substitute for hard work."

I used these lessons throughout my Collegiate Athletic career. Again, I learned through failure which led to a higher level of education and accolades.

With (arguably) my best performances behind me I have taken to educating runners of all levels and abilities. My clients include: 1st time runners, Boston Marathon qualifiers, High School State Champions & Division 1 Athletes.

While the lessons learned over the last 25+ years are too numerous to list, there are 3 that I feel are the most significant to mention.

1. Be Consistent. An athlete that engages in a less than optimal program consistently will usually derive better results than one who trains with great precision infrequently.
Simply put: I would rather have an athlete run 3-4 miles each day than have them occasionally "interval train" or "do hill repeats" or "a long run."

2. Drink More Water. Of all the nutritional gimmicks people subscribe to, this one is often neglected by athletes. Hydration is essential for optimal performance and recovery. Most athletes and people are dehydrated. This leads to slower recovery between training and a less than optimal athletic performance.
Simply put: You don't drink enough water.

3. Avoid Injury. You can't be consistent in training or perform at an optimal level if you physically can't perform. Most distance runners will suffer an "injury" at some point. The reason is seldom due to an accident or is it impact related. Too often the cause is classified as an "overuse" injury. Really? Why don't babies get "overuse" crawling injuries? I have long believed that our injuries are the result of us not being structurally strong, stable and flexible.
Unfortunately, running is a sport that is slow to evolve regarding it's view on strength training. Too much emphasis still remains on movements such as the Leg Extension, Biceps Curl and the Abdominal Crunch. All safe movements but ineffective in developing a stronger more stable athlete. My clients don't train to be stronger runners, they train to be stronger athletes - who run!
Single-leg and stability exercises should be a part of any serious running program. Even the stretching that most runners perform isn't as effective as they believe. Too much emphasis on flexing the lower back and stretching the hamstrings, too little emphasis on foam rolling the Facia and stretching the Psoas. I advise my clients to use a Foam Roller as a part of their everyday routine.
Simply put: Lifting Weights is OUT. Strength Training is IN. Stability is Sexy and Facia is the Future.

The above tips will help runners of all abilities. If you should have specific questions on my suggestions, feel free to contact me @

Frank Pucher is an Elite Level Fitness Professional and Run Coach. His facility Fitness 121 Personal Training was named "Best Exercise Studio" in New Jersey by NJ Monthly Magazine.
He is certified by The American Council on Exercise & The Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Friday Workout

I had a 2hr workout with Chris Adams today. We started with a leisurely 8 mile run in 1hr.
We both felt good during the run but began to wease and cough from all of the pollen shortly after stopping. Definitely not a look for people to take up running!
Chris: "My eyes, they're so RED and I can't breath." Me: "I feel like I'm coughing up a lung!"
After we stopped our dramatics we got inside and down to the rest of our workout.

Alternating Lunges x 24 - Face Pulls x 10 - Pushups x 12
Deadlifts x 8 - TRX Rows x 15 - Overhead Press x 15
Single Arm DB Carry - Core Ball - Pike (core series)

Afterwards, I said to Chris "if we were professional athletes this would be our day everyday." To which he replied "True, but then I couldn't go eat the Veal Chop and drink a bottle of wine for lunch!" I replied "Suckers!"

Moral of the story: Love what you do and why you do it. Everything else is just good fortune.

-Frank Pucher
I've never finished a run and thought "that was a waste of time."

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Health Care Rant

Despite new insurance regulation, three ongoing problems continue to hold up our health care system.

1. Disease Care

First, most people don’t really use health care. Instead, they rely on disease care. The current system waits for disease to appear, then uses expensive drugs and therapies to treat the disease. The fact is, most diseases are preventable – from cancer and heart disease to Alzheimer’s and all those mechanical injuries of the back, knee, hip and other areas surgically treated with artificial joints and other surgeries. Treating end-result symptoms and ignoring the causes of disease is the real epidemic.

2. Who Dictates Care?

More than ever, the new program will encourage millions more people to rely on others to dictate their health needs. This includes the government who has numerous programs (Medicare, Medicaid and others), insurance companies (who dictate which doctors and what therapies you can and can't have) and others, including employers who dangle insurance policies (that you pay for directly or indirectly).

In addition, lobbyists for the insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies and other product and service sectors in “health” care keep making it easy to be covered by insurance, get prescriptions and buy the latest over-the-counter drugs.

I’m not opposed to drugs or surgery, or even insurance. I’m opposed to how they are used and abused. This includes using expensive, high-risk remedies as a first approach to treating common disorders that typically respond to more conservative, much less expensive but high quality care that usually comes with little or no side effects.

Am I Covered for That?
Too often, patients are willing to take a drug, have a surgical procedure or even participate in a radical experimental therapy before other more conservative and even effective options are available – because their insurance will cover it.

Here’s a common scenario. Bob goes to his doctor because of knee pain. The doctor recommends surgery; after all, Bob chose his own therapy by picking a surgeon from the list of health care professionals covered by his insurance. The doctor comforts Bob with the fact that he’s covered for the procedure. I recommend more exercise therapy for his minor problem. But his insurance won’t cover it. Bob chooses surgery at 10 to 20 times the cost, but has no out-of-pocket expense. I’ve experienced this type of scenario many times in my years as a fitness professional.

3. Who’s Responsible for My Health?

Are most people willing to take care of themselves? That’s a difficult question to ask, and unfortunately, most people are not even willing to ponder the answer. Certainly, some people are not only willing but are succeeding in taking care of themselves, by eating well, exercising, controlling stress and toxins, and other features associated with being responsible for their own health. This is the real meaning of prevention (screening for disease is not).

Only when we’re taking responsibility for our own health can we truly prevent illness and disease, and develop and maintain a higher quality of life until we die.

In being responsible, we most easily avoid being trapped by insurance companies and government programs willing to cut us open when it’s not really necessary, by food giants selling us foods that slowly kill us, and force us to visit doctors we don’t necessarily want to see (while avoiding those we prefer).

Our health is in our hands, but too many have let go while grasping for the illusion of health care. The new insurance overhaul just ties their hands even more. There’s no free lunch, although the insurance environment offers one that promotes heart disease, cancer and other debilitating illness.

What to do? Buy your own lunch – choose your food wisely & exercise more days than not.
That’s what I do.

-Frank Pucher

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Opinion on Boyle/NSCA

Recently one of the most sought after presenters in the Strength & Fitness field (Mike Boyle) was banned by the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) from speaking at their events. Boyle has spoken at their events for years and the ban came as a surprise to many.
While I do not have 1st hand info on the reasoning by the NSCA; I was asked recently of my opinion as to "What happened?" Here was my reply:

I don't have a horse in this race so I'm pretty un-biased. I have looked at "both sides" of this STORY.
Here is my take on this:
Mike Boyle has openely and honestly spoken to his likes/dislikes on TRAINING for years. I won't say he's been unfair to collegues who'm he disagrees, rather he's voiced his difference of OPINION. The NSCA has their TEXT and MANUAL and view that as the BIBLE. Mike has begun to question the BIBLE. He's not encouraging AETHIESM, but rather that his BELIEFS are perhaps evolving faster than the written word. I think what has happend is that the NSCA has begun to ask "How can we explain that we have a guy (Boyle) speaking at our conferences that disagrees with our text?" Additionally, "He (Boyle) offers an opinion on training that differs from other speakers/presenters at the same (our) conference. How do we explain all of this?"
Their answer: Remove the controversy!

Does the NSCA reserve the right to remove speakers that don't agree with their research and findings? YES
Does the NSCA reserve the right to ensure that their speakers are not contradicted at their conference? Perhaps
Does the NSCA have the right to be critical of a person (Boyle) when he goes 'off the reservation' and no longer aligns with their principles & ideas? Absolutely.

So who is at fault? Is anyone at fault?

*JC Santana is no longer presenting at IDEA or Perform Better, etc. His reason: "Conferences have become less about educating and more about selling." Long Story short: I AGREE!
JC also said "Don't believe anything that anyone tells you. Not even me." Meaning: Think for yourself!
Boyle says often "This is just my opinion. In fact anything written, studied or spoken is simply someone's opinion." Meaning: Think for yourself!

I feel that by only allowing voices/opinions that follow their BIBLE; The NSCA has sent a message "Think only what we tell you!"

I'll not call it censorship, I call it the end of progress. "All great truths were once considered blasphamous." I find myself leaning on the side of Boyle, a man I respect as much as I may disagree wth him.
That's the beauty of our "ART" Jeff, it's not science. Science is the tool of our EVOLVING "Art."

-Frank Pucher

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Much Exercise Do You Need?

When talking AEROBIC exercise there is a correct answer. This comes from Dr. John Ratay who conducted his study on the HEALTH Benefits of AEROBIC exercise. These benefits include:
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Cholesterol
  • Cancer Risk Reduction
  • Reduction in Alzheimer Disease
  • Improved Memory
  • Elimination of Anti-Depression Medications
  • Many Others
The prescription for years was a generic 3 times a week for 30 minutes. "More if you want to lose weight."

The Revolutionary Prescription is based on Body Weight (BW). Actually, BW x 8 equals the number of CALORIES (energy) you need to expend AEROBICALLY on a weekly basis to attain the benefits of the exercise.

For example: A 150lbs. person is required to burn 1200 calories weekly. That's 200 calories a day for 6 days. Or 400 calories 3 times a week. It doesn't matter! Hit that number.
Those calories counters on the cardio machines do mean something. They tell you how close you are to getting the HEALTHY body you seek.
It stands to reason that a person weighing 300lbs requires more exercise than someone weighing 150lbs, right?

This is NOT a plan for weight loss. It's for HEALTH benefits. You can hit your CALORIE burn number and still not lose an ounce if you are consuming too many calories. You can't starve yourself to the number either, you need to do the work. Calories burned is another measure of work done.

So do good work. Body Weight x 8. Get strong, Get Healthy, Get Moving. NOW!

-Frank Pucher

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Recent Visit

Love it! Thanks Frank. It was so cool getting the chance to see your first-class facility. Let me know if you ever need anything. You're a star!
Troy Fontana
2009 Finalist (PFP) Personal Trainer of the Year
Author of "Climb to The Top"
Owner Fontana Fitness

Thank you Troy! You represent the BEST of Humanity and your visit was awesome.

-Frank Pucher

Monday, April 5, 2010

MM Challenge Week# 1

My MasterMind TEAM decided to have a little 6 week challenge. (Get in World Class shape over the next 6 weeks, by training hard and eating right.) It sounds simple enough. We are to email each other our 'workouts' each Sunday for the upcoming week.
As a guy who tends to 'go with the flow' such structure isn't easy for me. However, a loyal teammate I am and a competitor most definitely!

Here is my "Schedule" for this week.

Monday: 40 minute run w/ TRX Circuit
Tuesday: 60 minute run
Wednesday: 5 mile Marathon Pace Run (MP)
Thursday: 40 minute run w/ Heavy Lifts
Friday: 60 minute run
Saturday: 1hr Bike w/ Cable Core Workout
Sunday: 60-90 minute run

I will be sure to get some extra sleep this week also, as I've been pushing the mental motor as of late. My nutrition is actually pretty solid (except for yesterday!) I could probably/maybe sip a little less VINO w/ dinner, maybe? I think? Perhaps? I'll think about it!

-Frank Pucher

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Always an Itch to Scratch.


You are confirmed as a registrant for the 2011 ING Miami Marathon!

As a registrant of this event, you will also receive newsletters each month from US Road Sports & Entertainment of Florida, previously PR Racing with news and information on the ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon and other events produced by US Road Sports and Entertainment. This will not be sold or given to any sponsors or partners and will only be distributed by our staff.

Have a safe and happy training and we will see you on January 30, 2011!

* I haven't raced a Marathon since 2006 and I've never placed in my age category, but I still believe "I'm damn good at any age." Especially in a 40 year old body!

-Frank Pucher
I've never finished a run and thought, "That was a waste of time."