Monday, September 27, 2010

5 Tips For Running A More Successful Personal Training Business

(If you train clients - you have a personal training business!!)

1) The lights are always on - You cannot simply walk out the door at night or on weekends and fail to think about your clients, your skills, or future clients and expect to be successful. Work is always happening; with every stranger we encounter and every gathering we attend. I know many/plenty of trainers who leave work and don't think about it (work) until they walk back in the next day or the following Monday; they always complain about "not earning what they deserve."

2) A tired mind in a tired body - Give your clients the workout they need both Mentally & Physically. Maybe your client doesn't need to do the workout you think they can handle? Maybe they need the workout that is all they can handle ?. Every session is an assessment - what does your client need today? More or Less? Know that, and you'll keep clients happier & longer.

3) Make investments - Continued education isn't just attending conferences about how to use the latest exercise toys. It's spending time focusing on weakness. Not client weaknesses, but YOUR weaknesses! Are you great at "training" but bad at getting and retaining clients? Maybe you need to invest in your communication muscles? Start to read books on Selling & Customer Service. Attend a Toastmasters workshop. Look, Listen, & Speak to people who do what you do only more successfully. Spend time working on weakness isn't just good client advice, it's good YOU advice.

4) "BE the Ball" - OK, I made that up. Years ago one of my former employees told me that he "really wants to look the part" of being a great personal trainer. It sounded good and he had sincerity in his voice before I lowered the boom on him. I told him "Mike, that's the problem. You want to look the part and not BE the part." I explained that showing up early, planning an outline of what you'd like to have the client do, adjusting that plan based on the client's need & energy for that session, dressing appropriately, speaking professionally, being clean, having fresh breath, walking the talk, aligning actions & convictions, and thanking each client after each session are all BEING the part. Buying a new NIKE shirt is looking the part.

5) It's not Personal. It's Business. No, It's a Personal Training Business - Yes. I would do this for FREE. I have done this for FREE. However, I won't do this for FREE. I do this because helping people improve their lives through better fitness is WHO I AM. I want people to live better lives and I have the skills to help. Helping people live better is a great service to provide, and great service is worthy of compensation. Get comfortable speaking to people about money. Your time is valuable and you need to respect it. Simply put the best way to respect your clients time & money is to respect your own.

-Frank Pucher

Frank Pucher is the Owner and C.E.O. (Creative Energetic Optimist) of Fitness 121 Personal Training in Roseland, NJ.
Fitness 121 was named New Jersey's "Best Exercise Studio" by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. The studio specializes in Personal Training & Pilates for a diverse clientele. Visit for more information.

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