Friday, October 22, 2010

5 (more) Tips For Running A More Successful Personal Training Business.

1) Sell Solutions - What is your client's NEED? It might be a physical one (back pain) or maybe it's a social one (need someone to speak to). I know that some Personal Trainers like to say things like "I'm not a therapist. I don't want to listen to their problems." My reply to you all is "You are only acting like a therapist when you attempt to treat and diagnose their issues/problems." Listening is a required skill in ANY service business, (like it or not!) Put another way. You're not a football coach either, but you'll gladly discuss the bad play calling from last Sunday! Bottom line: You are paid to make people feel better, and the physical is only half the battle sometimes.

2) Stop Counting - I know 3 sets of 10 are the 'unwritten rule' but what if? What if you said "give me as many as you can?"
Isn't the idea of reps to challenge us to near fatigue? Stop counting, start pushing (or pulling). Have some fun dammit!

3) Walking makes you FAT - OK that's not technically true, but it's the least effective way to burn calories or raise your Heart Rate.
Put your clients on a Bike, Elliptical, or Rowing Machine if available. If not, then teach them to walk, run, rest, and repeat. The workouts will be more efficient, effective, and fun.

4) Educate - Teach your clients some basic exercises or movements that they can perform on their own. Better yet, educate them on "The benefits of these particular exercises." Do Not give them the exercise of the month from some magazine. Give them something that they not only Can Do, but Should Do!

5) Care (for REAL) - A noble idea. What if you actually cared about your client? Cared about their Goals, Needs, Limitations, Problems, and More? Are they training to lose weight? Do you weigh them in weekly and check in mid-week for a quick 'pep talk?'
Do they have high blood pressure? How often do you monitor this? Do they have back pain? Are you correcting their form & posture when you see them warming up? When your clients know that you have their interests in mind, they'll have more of an interest in your success.

-Frank Pucher

Frank Pucher is the Owner and C.E.O. (Creative Energetic Optimist) of Fitness 121 Personal Training in Roseland, NJ.
Fitness 121 was named New Jersey's "Best Exercise Studio" by New Jersey Monthly Magazine. The studio specializes in Personal Training & Pilates for a diverse clientele. Visit for more information.

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