Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy New Year

No, my calender isn't 'Off'.
I got to thinking this weekend about 2011 and some goals to take action on. Then it hit me. Why wait?
What if we attacked our goals with NEW YEAR'S like RESOLUTION - TODAY!!

Don't wait a month or another day. Start NOW.

1) Trim the fat from your life.
- What are you lugging around that just isn't working for you? Relationships? Materialistic item that no longer work or serve a purpose? Get lean.

2) Cut the fat at work also.
- Maybe it's time to let "THAT" employee go. Or perhaps "THAT" client. Anything or Anyone that doesn't serve YOUR BEST SELF - Consider giving the Adios (but in the nicest way possible).

3) Get your WALLET right!
- Are you investing? I don't mean Stock & Mutual Funds. I mean are you spending money on things that enable your Best!
Your Best Health? Your Best Happiness? Your Best Mind? Your Best Future? Respect your money. After all you work for it!

4) Let's make a deal.
- Go to your bank, CC processors, printing companies, internet providers, etc. Tell them you'd "like to close your account!" They will most certainly ask why and when they do tell them "I know I can get a better rate elsewhere!" You'll be surprised at how they will be happy to "review your fees in order to keep you."

5) Align your actions with your rhetoric.
- We all have struggles and battles. But if we are going to preach "World Class Fitness" we better walk the talk. Now, I'm not saying you need 6 pack abs and have to complete the Tour De France. I'm simply saying that YOU NEED TO MAKE FITNESS A PRIORITY. Now would be a GREAT time to start.

Frank Pucher

Fitness 121 Roseland, NJ
Named New Jersey's "Best Exercise Studio" by NJ Monthly Magazine

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