Monday, February 14, 2011

4 Letter Words

Those that know me best and a few that will never again speak to me know that I frequent the usage of "4 letter words."
Some of my personal favorites are SEXY, FOOD, & WINE (not necessarily in that order mind you) but perhaps my favorite "4 letter word" is LOVE.

On this day when we typically express our LOVE for Sweethearts, I suggest that we spread the LOVE around a little. Let's express our LOVE to all those that are dear to our hearts & lives. Pets, Friends, Children, Co-Workers, SBUX Baristas, Clients, perhaps even random strangers could use a little LOVE today.

It's LOVE that inspires us, LOVE that moves us, LOVE that saddens, & LOVE that soothes us. There is little in this world that LOVE can't do.

Share some LOVE today in your own special way. You won't just make someone's day - You'll improve your own.

"What goes around - comes around" - especially LOVE.

Happy Valentines Day..

Frank Pucher

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