Friday, November 25, 2011

A Master Plan for Nutrition


First let me say that I have no degree or formal training in nutrition (or grammar for that matter) so be warned! I am not only an un-reliable source of "legitimate" nutrition information," but I lost the 5th grade spelling bee, for failing to capitalize the (I) in indian.

Nutrition is a HOT topic for fitness enthusiasts at any age. Even those 'less than enthused' are interested in learning how to "eat better." Over the years I've learned a couple of things about food, drink and how to put it all together. Here is what I've discovered:

Drink MORE Water - If you fail to adhere to this primary rule, nothing else will matter. Water is the most important nourishment you can put into your body.
Eat MORE Plants - Or at least less food that comes from plants. Vegetables are the most abundant source of nutrients. "Enriched" foods that come in a box, can, or any kind of packaging should be greatly minimized in your diet!

The fewer the ingredients on a package - the better! Why are you eating something that you can't even pronounce?

Lean Proteins are Good - This does not include 'turkey bacon' or similar! Fish, Eggs, Lean Beef, Skinless Poultry, & Legumes provide ESSENTIAL Amino Acids that your body needs to perform & function at optimal levels.
Fruit - Along with Nuts & Healthy Fats, Yogurt & Dairy are all "OK" (Allergies Permitting) but should be a small part of your daily intake.
Grains - I enjoy pizza, pasta, and a good piece of bread as much as anyone, but the nourishment provided is basically a ZERO. Even Oatmeal isn't as HEALTHY as it's made out to be. If you do slow-cook 'Rolled Oats' and sprinkle in a few Walnuts & Raisins from time to time - it's "OK," but I'm not impressed with the nourishment it provides.
Fatty Foods & Snacks - You already know this, but for the few that don't........"AVOID these!"
Alcohol - Red Wine has its benefits, Beer has its fans, and the Hard Stuff has a following. I guess the important thing is to keep it all to no more than 2 servings each night. Unless you work the night-shift? Then I suggest drinking during the day!

In your 20's you can eat & drink anything you want and still look & feel great.

In your 30's you can still eat all you want of certain foods.

In your 40's you can still remember a time when you loved 'Egg Rolls.'

Supplements & Vitamins:

As I mentioned earlier, the best supplement to your current nutrition is to Drink MORE Water. If you fail to do that or the foundation for your nutrition isn't strong (see above) then money spent on Supplements & Vitamins are a waste of money.

If your nutrition is strong there are supplements that you may wish to consider:

Fish Oil containing Omega 3 - Helps to reduce inflammation which is the cause of most pain & disease.
Liquid Vitamin, Mineral, Digestive Enzyme, & Herbal Complex - In liquid form this is more easily absorbed & digestible.
Chondroitin & Glucosamine - Assists in joint health & mobility.

I have a hard enough time counting to "10" so the idea of counting calories has never appealed to me. What I have discovered is that when I nourish my body with MORE Water, Plenty of Vegetables, Lean Protein, and some Fruit & Nuts I have the sustained energy to not only work all day but to train & compete at competitive levels.

My Bottom Line:
Drink MORE Water, eat good food, use supplements wisely and trust me you'll look, feel, & BE your BEST.

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