Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to make the most of your time at Fitness 121?

Make a commitment. Take time out of your schedule to invest in yourself. There is no use talking about it - unless you decide to take action. Over the last 15 years I have trained some of the busiest and most successful people (Recording Artists, Actresses, Working Moms, and Chiefs of Staff) and they managed to find time for fitness. You can too!

Get a physical. This is particularly important if you haven’t exercised in a while, or is your are over age forty. Exercise is not hazardous, but it’s a good idea to establish a health baseline. Items you may want to have checked are your cardiovascular function, blood cholesterol, and triglycerides. Let your physician know that you are starting an exercise program and would like their input.

Pay attention to injuries. If you have an old injury, or any physical problem that causes pain, speak with your trainer about how to avoid making it worse. Ask your physician to speak with your trainer and vice versa.

Keep your priorities. Things do come up, but there is always time to re-schedule or make it in for your workout. I too have a spouse, business, parents, sibling, friends & extended family, and of course my (4 legged) little girl “Corona”. However, I keep my appointments, pay my bills, make it home each night and live my life around my priorities.

Make Aerobic Fitness a Priority. What is more important than living long and living well? What good is everything else if you don’t have good health?

Start slowly. Don’t be concerned about what others are doing and don’t be too competitive. It takes time to achieve aerobic fitness - in fact, it is a lifelong process! Give yourself a break and ease into your program.

Be consistent. No program will work if you don’t stick with it. Exercise should become a regular part of your life, like eating and sleeping. If you are inconsistent, the results you achieve will be minimal. Fitness is gained slowly.

Dress appropriately. You don’t need anything fancy, but you do need good shoes. I recommend a good pair of running shoes, these combine light weight materials, cushioning and stability. You can dress in whatever is comfortable, but avoid clothing that doesn’t breath. There are all kinds of materials on the market, but the choice is yours.

Ask Questions? If you should have any questions on fitness or your training, feel free to ask me or any member of our Award Winning TEAM.

Frank Pucher

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