Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 3 V's of Life

The 3 V’s of Life

  1. The Victor – Lives life with passion and authenticity. Always wanting to help, contribute, inspire greatness in others. A leader of life..especially their own. Lives a life of love not fear. Supports, creates and constantly gives back..always seeing the best in and of all situations. Problems are seen as opportunities to elevate your life.
  2. The Villain – Poisons the well. Always negating, criticizing, rational-lies-ing other human beings. The glass isn’t half empty..there’s NO glass. Crushes dreams of others. Cynical, conniving, close-minded but very persuasive in disseminating negative, self limiting propaganda. The destroyer’s of life and human potential. A gossip.
  3. The Victim – Never getting a break. Things always happen to rather than for them. Only existing through life rather than creating and living one. Dark, mundane, negative self-talk, purveyors of the impossible and you’ll never. The shadow people – Never living life outside of their circumstance. Followers and complainers. Low energy souls.
* These 3 roles are not mutually exclusive, each of us (at some point) play these roles in our lives. The role we Choose or Play (as Shakespeare mentioned) is our choice. As we become more aware of the role we play; we begin to understand that: "life is less about what happens to us and more about how we relate to what goes on around us."