Monday, July 26, 2010

Ironman 2.0

I hit the send button on my registration for the 2011 IRONMAN in LAKE PLACID next July. It seemed crazy that I sat in front of the computer waiting for 12:00pm est to arrive (at first). That is until at 12:30pm my friend Rachel called to tell me that registration is closed out!!!

Fortunately, I had made the cut. She'll make it in through the Community Fund, so all that matters is that we'll have a collection of friends up there competing next year.

Even though the event is 12 months away I went to the Chiropractor today to start getting the body put back in place. While there my body was making sounds that no human body should make. Things were popping and cracking and I think I heard a ring-tone?

It will be exciting to return to Lake Placid after a year off.

Why Return? Because it's going hurt and the hurt reminds us that we are alive.

Frank Pucher

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  1. Looking forward to an interesting adventure. This is going to be a tough year of training!