Monday, July 5, 2010

Real Men Cook...For their dogs!

Last week our Dog "Corona" wasn't feeling well. So we called the vet to schedule an appointment. The initial diagnosis was an infection in her Urinary Tract. So we were given 2 medicines; an Anti-Inflammatory and an Anti-Biotic. We also tested Corona's Urine & Blood to check her Kidney & Liver function.

Fortunately, the test confirmed it was just an infection and that she would be fine after a few days. The only side-effect from the medicine is that she 'may struggle to go to the bathroom'. (She actually always struggles, as the door handle is too high for her to reach!)

This triggered the idea for me to make her food. What would I want to eat if I wanted something easily digestible and passable?
I started with a box of cooked multi-grain pasta, then I cooked up 1/2lbs. of some lean ground turkey and drained off any excess oil, I then added 1 can of peas and carrots.

I mixed all of it together in a large rubbermaid container and left it on the counter to cool. 30 minutes later 'Dinner was served'.
She LOVED it! 1 cup of food per serving, we have about 5 days worth.We decided to try breakfast also: So we fixed 1 packet of instant oatmeal and added an ice-cube to cool it. We also sliced up 1/4 banana and threw it all together. Let me tell you, for the last few days - we have 1 very Happy Dog!

The more I think about it "Why do we serve our Dogs food that we wouldn't eat?" I'll write about this some more to keep an update on this experiment.

Frank Pucher

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