Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thinking caps on.

Typically, people think that if they “attain a certain goal” or “have X amount of something” that will somehow bring about the happiness or the gratification they desire . Have you ever done that? Said (to yourself or another) “if only I had this, I would be happy.” Of course you have, and of course you’re still not satisfied. Why? Because you put the emphasis on the destination and not the journey.The result will never bring happiness if the process brought misery.
Miami is a magical place. You can eat stone crab and drink wine 25 ft. from a guy sleeping in the park. There was one guy, who I remembered from last year. I'm not quite sure as to his age but he's quite eloquent and seemingly pretty creative; he was weaving palm leaves into baskets & other items. At his side (last year) was a dog “Lucas” very cute and seemingly content to sit by his friends side and sleep with him in the park or wherever they retired each night. Last week I recognized him so I inquired about his (missing) dog. “Good morning, where’s the dog?” I learned that the police took the dog since “Lucas” was without documents, etc . I expressed my condolence and the gentleman replied “it broke my heart, thank you and God Bless.” Now I don’t talk religion except for when I bang my toe in the middle of the night, but I was moved by this guy. Seemingly without the means of many, he was in touch with his feelings, making his crafts with the palms on the grass and all while not really complaining. It was as if his body language said “I wake up each day and enjoy the day that I'm given.” You had to see it to understand it, but most people could learn from that guy!
Frank Pucher

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