Tuesday, June 29, 2010

90 Day Wonder Q3 2010

1) What have I done in the last 90 days?
- Worked on improving my home & work balance.
- Helped add 20-30 clients to Fitness 121
- Read 2 Books "The Magic of Thinking Big" & "The Secret" (re-read)
- Returned to World Class Shape. Well at least I'm the fittest guy in Town!
- Phased in more Blue Sky time on Wed's.
- Wrote a Testimonial for Kelli Corosanti's NEW Book!
- Got up to bat in LIFE & BUSINESS and am currently batting .500
Lesson: You will make mistakes have some success. Some may criticize you, pay them no mind - what's important is that you 'step-up to the plate' when called upon! That is SUCCESS my friends!

2) What is my biggest issue/obstacle?
- Signing up for any kind of event (nothing is exciting, except IRONMAN possibly?)
- Managing the "growth" of our business.
- Refine/Define my role at Fitness 121 over the next several years.
- Budgeting my "time" better; Balancing all things while I'm at it!
- Remembering that 'mistakes' lead to lessons; and lessons lead to wisdom.

3) What will I do/accomplish in the next 90 days?
- Organize and Host MM Gathering Sept 24th & 25th.
- Free up Wednesdays for "growth" work. (Blue Sky Day) Starting July 14th.
- Exercise 6x weekly, Eat Well & Improve Recovery Rituals.
- Add another 20 clients to our facility.
- CELEBRATE Hibachi 100!
- Perform at least 2 group talks.
- Read "Profiles in Courage" and 1 other book TBD.
- Get my bike fixed! Laser Fitted? What the hell, let's do this right!
- Sign up for IRONMAN 2011' (In the end we compete against ourselves and I can do better!)

**** In the next 90 days I WILL fulfill each of my BIG 5 for 2010 ****

-Frank Pucher

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