Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Secret to Weight Loss.

I love my Dog 'Corona'.

She’s a Yellow-Lab who shares my pillow, bed & occasionally my socks. My wife and I named her Corona because of her coloring. I looked at my little pup and said to Francesca “she doesn’t look like a Heineken.”

Like most dogs Corona lies under the table hoping some food will magically 'fall' from someone plate to her perch below. I’ll admit that I found it cute when I threw a 'little' piece of food to her; I always enjoyed watching her enjoy my treat to her. My wife found the same pleasure, as did my in-laws, family and friends who always seem to be around.

One day, years ago, I was told point blank by the Vet “your dog is OBESE and needs to lose weight or else she might die.” I tried to explain that she was “big boned or stocky.“ I reasoned that we feed her only dog food and some 'small' snacks. The vet explained that our 'small snacks' led to Corona weighing in at 98lbs! I inquired as to how much should she weigh? The Vet informed us that 65-70lbs was the proper weight given her breed and size.

I was given simple instructions. “If you love your Dog, you will get her to lose weight" said the Vet. Our instructions where to give her 2 cups of food a day and THAT’S IT! No Biscuits, Treats or Snacks. We could dispense the 2 cups any way we chose. But only 2 cups per day.
Our strategy was 1 cup for Breakfast, ½ cup for Lunch & ½ cup for Dinner. We were also required to bring her back every month for a weigh in. "Sounds easy" (I reasoned). Our whole family was brought in on the task. Operation Slim Dog!

Each month Corona weighed in and each month she lost weight. After 7 months she was a fighting trim 64 lbs.

No fancy exercise program, no low-carb mumbo-jumbo. Less food=Less weight!
Amazing! This is an absolutely true story that I tell people struggling to lose weight. If my Dog can do it, so can you. Francesca &I had the love for her (Corona) to do what it took. So if not for yourself, help someone you love to eat less and lose weight.

By the way; if you need a good diet plan, I recommend 2 cups a day of IAMS Lamb & Rice Formula. Trust me it works!! Woof.

-Frank Pucher

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