Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pilates, Not Just For Women

For all (you) men out there that think Pilates is for the opposite sex think again. After all, it was created by a male Joseph Pilates and has been a dominant training style for men and women, as well as elite athletes for over 50 years. Now Pilates used all over the fitness world to help build core strength, balance, stamina, posture, endurance, and flexibility. I'm often asked "why Pilates is good for men?" I usually say "to improve flexibility" (most men have none) but in reality it's a great workout, especially for those that play sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, basketball, or even running.

Usually men look at someone on a reformer and think "I can’t do that." YES YOU CAN! And you should if you are seeking to live a better life. Remember fitness isn’t about how much weight you can lift, its how effectively we move our body and relax the mind. Pilates does just that.

Now, I am not saying it's easy; but if you ask any of my male clients they will say "it’s hard but the results are rewarding" and that they feel GREAT after their sessions. Do you feel GREAT after your workouts? If not, then give Pilates a try. Inquire with me about our 'group' on Saturday mornings, if you do, I promise you will feel awesome.

Besides, you might improve your life as well.

"Dream, Create & Live a Great Life."

Francesca Pucher

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