Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ain't U Tweet? No I aint!

The problem with "Social Networking" is that it leads to "Anti-Social" behavior.
I see so many of my fitness colleagues with their Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs, U-Tubes; all keeping busy but is it making them money or just simply busy?

I know that the world "needs" to know that I'm drinking coffee in my Mickey Mouse T-Shirt, but despite my satisfying this "need" of theirs, my pocket doesn't reap any reward.
I'm all for technology.
I love the calculator! Especially when I'm doing long math and I run out of fingers & toes, but how much is really needed? My clients don't care what I'm doing when I'm not with them. If they do they usually call me. Truth be told, they'd rather not know. (I'm eating Donuts!)
I want them focused on their lives, not living through the cyber world of someone else.

No real point to this entry, but then again. That's my point isn't it?

Frank Pucher

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