Sunday, February 21, 2010

3 Fitness & Health Tips

Too often, the "fitness segments" on TV focus on complicated formulas for weight loss and impractical exercises for the general population. To make matters even worse the segment is usually limited to less than 5 minutes (as if that's enough time to educate a fat and unhealthy population.) Actually, it's more than enough. In fact, it's too much time; and to complicate for people to understand. And you know, people don't do - what they don't understand.

Allow me to give you 3 tips for better fitness & health.

1) Drink MORE Water: If you think you drink enough - You Don't. If you do drink enough; Congratulations you should. Water is the catalyst for your metabolism, digestion and recovery.
Without enough our bodies don't function as well as they are designed to.
Drink MORE Water.

2) Exercise Regularly: This is key. You will derive more benefit from a 'poor exercise routine' done regularly than a 'great exercise routine' done infrequently. Consistency matters. So no matter what you do, do it often.

3) Stand Up when Exercising: Your hips & spine are perhaps the 2 most important joints in your body; That is why the muscles that attach to them are referred to as "the core". When you sit down you eliminate the need of these joints to mobilize & stabilize. Over time this causes inefficiency in the joints - resulting in hip & back pain.
Do your arm & leg exercises from a standing position. Not only will you strengthen your hips & spine, but you'll add real strength to the "core muscles" that support them.
An added benefit is that the increased requirement to push-pull resistance from this position will burn more calories.
Reduce risk of injury. Get stronger. Burn more calories. What's not to like?
Stand Up when exercising.

By no means are these 3 tips going to transform you into Olympic fitness levels. They will however go a long way to improving your current fitness & health needs.

Email/Call me with any questions you may have. I can talk a lot longer than you can listen and I'm always ready to make my case.

-Frank Pucher

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