Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Live together Die alone.

Caught me some questions like "where's the blog?" from one of my clients yesterday. OK Carol, here we go.

Friday had our Fitness 121 TEAM celebrating Hibachi 50. Along with Francesca's 30th B-day and Gary's 29th. It was our best night yet with Gary displaying his secret Hibachi knife skills. Joining us was our newest TEAMMATE "Doug" (starting February 9th).

My PC is on life-support so I scribble today from Fran's Macbook. We have so many things going on behind the scenes:

Gary & Lori (both) working on their Functional Training Specialist Course. Francesca was recently certified as a Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist. Anthony & Rob are both doing amazing work along with Bobby who has embraced a "Spiritual Side" as of late.

I have been busy tweaking our website (not for viewing yet). We have some GREAT-GREAT photos from our shoot last week. This weekend is going to be quite busy as we are having the facility steam-cleaned and reconfigured.

My RunCoach clients have been busy also. Strength training, Foam Rolling and about to begin their Tempo Runs as they prepare for the NYC 1/2 Marathon on March 21st. My other Running Team will be entering the NJ Marathon Relay (I expect nothing less than 1st place!) Let's make this happen.

Many-Many 'Rumors and Rumblings' going on about a Reality Show about Personal Trainers.
Hmmm?? Why not us? Maybe Lori will be the next Snooki?

I'm sorry if this blog is a little all over the place. The truth is I'm 4hrs away from the season premier of LOST and my attention span is well 'LOST.'

-Frank Pucher

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