Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another 90 Day Wonder

As a loyal follower of my blog, you know that I hold myself accountable 'in the light of day' with this blog. Unless of course you read this blog at night? Then I'm off the hook.

One of my favorite accountability tools is the 90 day wonder that I complete. It's a opportunity to mark what I've done (based on my intentions) and what I plan to do. Try it yourself, the results may surprise you.

Ask yourself 3 questions:
1) What have I done in the last 90 days? (all areas of life)
2) What is my biggest issue or obstacle?
3) What actions will I take in the next 90 days? (what will I do?)

Here is my current 90 day wonder:

1) What did I do in the last 90 days? (based on my last set of intentions)
Add another 20-30 clients hrs to our facility. DONE
- Hire a Pilates Instructor. DONE
- Market our "Golf Fitness Group Program." STILL WORKING ON
- Add another 2 Athletes to my "Run Coach" Program. DONE
- Schedule talk at ESU to Exercise Science Club. STILL WORKING ON
- Get our "In Action" shots on the BLOG. DONE
- Book my trip to San Diego this March!! DONE
- Sign-Up for Long Branch 1/2 Marathon. Train to Win my Age Group. NOT DONE
- Read: "The Greatness Guide" & at least 1 other book.

2) What is my biggest issue/obstacle?
- Signing up for any kind of event (nothing is exciting, except IRONMAN possibly?)
- Need more "Mellow Yellow" Frank time to relax and visit friends/family.
- Managing the "growth" of our business.
- Budgeting my "time" better; Balancing all things while I'm at it!

3) What will I do/accomplish in the next 90 days?
- Visit San Diego and my MM Team.
- Sign up for 3 Spring/Summer Events.
- Free up some time in my schedule for "growth" business work.
- Train 6x weekly & Eat to Win (I accidentally typed Wine; clearly a Freudian slip!)
- Add another 20-30 client to our facility.
- Add 5 "duets" in our Pilates program.
- Contact ESU and schedule talk.
- Read 2 Books (TBD)
- Have dinner with my Monmouth County "family" 2x
- Get my bike fixed!

-Frank Pucher

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