Friday, April 23, 2010

A Friday Workout

I had a 2hr workout with Chris Adams today. We started with a leisurely 8 mile run in 1hr.
We both felt good during the run but began to wease and cough from all of the pollen shortly after stopping. Definitely not a look for people to take up running!
Chris: "My eyes, they're so RED and I can't breath." Me: "I feel like I'm coughing up a lung!"
After we stopped our dramatics we got inside and down to the rest of our workout.

Alternating Lunges x 24 - Face Pulls x 10 - Pushups x 12
Deadlifts x 8 - TRX Rows x 15 - Overhead Press x 15
Single Arm DB Carry - Core Ball - Pike (core series)

Afterwards, I said to Chris "if we were professional athletes this would be our day everyday." To which he replied "True, but then I couldn't go eat the Veal Chop and drink a bottle of wine for lunch!" I replied "Suckers!"

Moral of the story: Love what you do and why you do it. Everything else is just good fortune.

-Frank Pucher
I've never finished a run and thought "that was a waste of time."

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