Thursday, April 1, 2010

Always an Itch to Scratch.


You are confirmed as a registrant for the 2011 ING Miami Marathon!

As a registrant of this event, you will also receive newsletters each month from US Road Sports & Entertainment of Florida, previously PR Racing with news and information on the ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon and other events produced by US Road Sports and Entertainment. This will not be sold or given to any sponsors or partners and will only be distributed by our staff.

Have a safe and happy training and we will see you on January 30, 2011!

* I haven't raced a Marathon since 2006 and I've never placed in my age category, but I still believe "I'm damn good at any age." Especially in a 40 year old body!

-Frank Pucher
I've never finished a run and thought, "That was a waste of time."

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