Monday, April 5, 2010

MM Challenge Week# 1

My MasterMind TEAM decided to have a little 6 week challenge. (Get in World Class shape over the next 6 weeks, by training hard and eating right.) It sounds simple enough. We are to email each other our 'workouts' each Sunday for the upcoming week.
As a guy who tends to 'go with the flow' such structure isn't easy for me. However, a loyal teammate I am and a competitor most definitely!

Here is my "Schedule" for this week.

Monday: 40 minute run w/ TRX Circuit
Tuesday: 60 minute run
Wednesday: 5 mile Marathon Pace Run (MP)
Thursday: 40 minute run w/ Heavy Lifts
Friday: 60 minute run
Saturday: 1hr Bike w/ Cable Core Workout
Sunday: 60-90 minute run

I will be sure to get some extra sleep this week also, as I've been pushing the mental motor as of late. My nutrition is actually pretty solid (except for yesterday!) I could probably/maybe sip a little less VINO w/ dinner, maybe? I think? Perhaps? I'll think about it!

-Frank Pucher

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