Saturday, April 17, 2010

Opinion on Boyle/NSCA

Recently one of the most sought after presenters in the Strength & Fitness field (Mike Boyle) was banned by the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) from speaking at their events. Boyle has spoken at their events for years and the ban came as a surprise to many.
While I do not have 1st hand info on the reasoning by the NSCA; I was asked recently of my opinion as to "What happened?" Here was my reply:

I don't have a horse in this race so I'm pretty un-biased. I have looked at "both sides" of this STORY.
Here is my take on this:
Mike Boyle has openely and honestly spoken to his likes/dislikes on TRAINING for years. I won't say he's been unfair to collegues who'm he disagrees, rather he's voiced his difference of OPINION. The NSCA has their TEXT and MANUAL and view that as the BIBLE. Mike has begun to question the BIBLE. He's not encouraging AETHIESM, but rather that his BELIEFS are perhaps evolving faster than the written word. I think what has happend is that the NSCA has begun to ask "How can we explain that we have a guy (Boyle) speaking at our conferences that disagrees with our text?" Additionally, "He (Boyle) offers an opinion on training that differs from other speakers/presenters at the same (our) conference. How do we explain all of this?"
Their answer: Remove the controversy!

Does the NSCA reserve the right to remove speakers that don't agree with their research and findings? YES
Does the NSCA reserve the right to ensure that their speakers are not contradicted at their conference? Perhaps
Does the NSCA have the right to be critical of a person (Boyle) when he goes 'off the reservation' and no longer aligns with their principles & ideas? Absolutely.

So who is at fault? Is anyone at fault?

*JC Santana is no longer presenting at IDEA or Perform Better, etc. His reason: "Conferences have become less about educating and more about selling." Long Story short: I AGREE!
JC also said "Don't believe anything that anyone tells you. Not even me." Meaning: Think for yourself!
Boyle says often "This is just my opinion. In fact anything written, studied or spoken is simply someone's opinion." Meaning: Think for yourself!

I feel that by only allowing voices/opinions that follow their BIBLE; The NSCA has sent a message "Think only what we tell you!"

I'll not call it censorship, I call it the end of progress. "All great truths were once considered blasphamous." I find myself leaning on the side of Boyle, a man I respect as much as I may disagree wth him.
That's the beauty of our "ART" Jeff, it's not science. Science is the tool of our EVOLVING "Art."

-Frank Pucher

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