Sunday, June 6, 2010

No Time Like Now.

Currently reading "The Magic of Thinking Big."

Another one of those ' Your Life is a Result of Your Thoughts' kind of books. Actually, I read quite a few of them, and to be honest I'm a pretty happy guy. In fact, most people (including strangers) offer questions like "are you ever in a bad mood?"

This morning after some coffee and some mind wandering, I got to thinking. "Is it all BS?"
Positive thinking? Can it really make a difference? If so, how much?

So, I'm putting it to the test. Rather than reading about it and thinking about it, starting today -I'm going to live it.
"365 days of Positive Thinking."

"When is a good time to start thinking positive? Next week, Next Year, or Right Now?"

Stay Tuned.

1 comment:

  1. NO BS! Thinking positive brings positive results...remember even if you fake it 'til you feel will come! Believe Baby! Trust in the possiblities of positive thoughts 'cause the outcome is truly amazing!! :^)