Sunday, June 28, 2009

5 weeks out (for the first time and the last time.)

I really decided to push the bike thing this week (at least this weekend.) My training is coming along & I feel good. However, I'm starting to get questions like "are you beginning to rest/taper yet?" The answer is NO; as I explained to one of my questioners "I am still building my fitness, rest comes after fitness and I'm not there (fit for IRONMAN) yet."

It better come quick, though! I'm running out of time...

Last weeks training:
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Bike 2.5 hrs
Wednesday: Swim 45 minutes & strength train
Thursday: Run 1 hr
Friday: Swim 1 hr & 10 minutes..
Saturday: Bike 106 miles...Long day, 2 Powerbars, 2 Gels, 3 Water Bottles (not enough) and I couldn't wait for it to end...
Sunday: After some food & wine (and a great night's sleep); I awoke and ran 2 hrs..felt surprisingly good.

I need to get my bike tuned up. Something is sluggish (can't be me!) and there is no reason to make me work harder than I absolutely must. Next week I'll dial back the weekend and focus on my mid week training.

Happy Birthday today to my friend (and IRONMAN inspiration) Rachel. She celebrated her day with a 106 mile ride of her own. You go girl!

PS: I may very well NEVER do this again, but never say never?

Frank Pucher

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