Wednesday, June 3, 2009

8 Weeks Out.

Lot's to talk about so I'll get right to it.
Last week was a light training week as I had a 1/2 IRONMAN on Sunday 5/31.
I was feeling pretty good & calm during the ride to Lehighton, PA (middle of nowhere.)
Several of us were there to compete against the over 400 other competitors.
My immediate concern was covering the 70.3 miles of Swim-Bike-Run. However, my next matter was not encountering any bedbugs at the motel we were staying at. I don't know where or when I heard this (or if I made it up for that matter) but I seem to recall that bedbugs come out at night.
This led me to sleep with the lights on. I woke up at 5:00 on race day feeling good and thinking to myself "those poor little guys must have been wondering all night WTF?"
After a quick ride to a Dunkin Donuts for some coffee I was in the shower, eating my breakfast and off to the race site. 
I set up my transition area pretty easily but was a little concerned about if I could get into my wetsuit (this was my 1st time wearing it.) Luckily I had plenty of time and things were going smoothly. On my was over to the water I met up with my college roommate "Greg." We shared a quick hug and hello and agreed to meet up after the race.
As I was slipping into my wetsuit I began to get a little nervous wondering "Did I drink enough? Did I eat too much? Can I swim this far?" Before I knew it my wetsuit was almost on and I began to realize that IT'S ON BACKWARDS!!
10 minutes to go before the race starts..
With time to spare I get my suit on, regain my composure and head to the water.
BANG. I am swimming as straight as I can but being tossed a little from the others around me. I begin to relax and my form comes together; the 2nd half of the swim goes great and I exit the water feeling good.
Quick transition to my bike (Helmet, Glasses, Powersbars) and I'm on the road. The following 56 miles were a test of hill after hill. Being NOT a strong cyclist this was not the best course from me, but after 3+ hrs on the bike I reached the transition area to begin my run.
The first 8 miles went pretty well; however after 9 miles my stomach began to blow-up like I was about to deliver twins! I guess that's the side effect from drinking gatorade for 5 hrs.
I finally made it across in little over 6 hrs. All things considered I was happy with the way I finished (just not how I felt.) I'll need to figure out a way to combat that before IRONMAN.
Looking back I also need to really up my bike mileage and that will be my focus during the coming weeks. 
I'm away on vacation as I write this now; feeling ok, almost fully recovered and ready to get on with the final push. The biggest challenge will be for me to remain calm despite the lack of training time left; as I always preach "you do the best with what you have." 

I guess I'll have to follow my own advice.

Frank Pucher


  1. you forgot to add that you put your wetsuit on backwards.