Sunday, June 14, 2009

7 Weeks Out (don't try this at home.)

Another week. Actually, my 1st week back from vacation (which was great.)
Time to start training like a Tri-Athlete; so away we went.

Monday: 45 minute swim & 1 hr run.
Tuesday: 2.5 hrs bike & strength train.
Wednesday: 45 minute swim & 40 minute run.
Thursday: 2 hr bike & strength train.
Friday: 1 hr swim.
Saturday: 70 miles of cycling, Madison to Far Hills and all places surrounding!
Sunday: 15 miles of running (2hrs) with a 10k (drop in) in between; my brother Gary made his 10k debut and 1st running event in almost 8 years. He took 3rd place in his category!! Afterwards, I ran back to my parents home.

I feel pretty good after this week; just a little sleep deprived as I set an alarm each day this week.

I will scale back slightly next week and see how my body is feeling.

Other news: Work is going very well. We are in the market for a new TEAM member so we will be hitting the classifieds shortly. Last week a NEW client came into our facility as she wanted to look around before her evaluation; she commented to Gary "this is not what I expected, everything is so beautiful, from the building to the bathrooms & even your exercise area."
Gary replied with a very simple "Thank You."

Over the last year we have worked so hard and made many personal and financial sacrifices to make Fitness 121 a place of "positive energy." We like to think of Fitness 121 as an "Oasis in a sea of anger and frustration." Each of our Team has worked tirelessly to improve our skills and our abilities, we have been recognized by our industry and the majority of our clients have acknowledged their training has benefited from our changes over the last year. To all of our existing clients, Thank You. We will continue to do the best we can; so you may be the best you can.

Frank Pucher

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