Monday, June 22, 2009

6 Weeks Out

I started the week with every intention of training "long & strong" each and every day. As I'm discovering on this journey; things seldom go according to plan.

My family lost a dear friend this week. "Freddy" was a GREAT family man and a beloved Father, Brother, Friend & Husband...He will be missed and never forgotten. Thank You Fred, for always treating me like a member of your family. (It just goes to show; you can't choose your relatives, but you can choose your family.)

Busy week again and the clock is ticking:

Monday: 45 minute swim
Tuesday: 2.5 hrs biking (indoors)
Wednesday: Funeral/ Needed Day off
Thursday: 2.5 hrs biking (indoors)
Friday: 1 hr swim
Saturday: 80 miles of cycling in the rain (I felt like a cyclist!) Something very ZEN about being on the bike for 6hrs!
Sunday: 14 mile run

Felt very tired this weekend (I wonder why?) My whole chemistry was off too. I typically consume 1 can of soda every 3 years.
On Sunday, I drank 3 cans of Coke and ate a Jelly Donut!! (they both tasted pretty damn good too I must admit.)

IRONMAN training is really kicking now..I plan 2 more Long & Strong weeks and then it's time to start resting up.

Work is good, looking to hire a new disciple in the coming weeks.

Rachel had a Kick *ss 1/2 Ironman last weekend & a Birthday next weekend..I'm very proud that she got back up after a little knockdown.

I'm suffering from a lack of sleep last night so this is it....I'll have much more to say next update..till then, train smart-rest much!

Frank Pucher

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