Monday, October 5, 2009

Jersey Shore Half Marathon 09'

Sunday we had a small contingent in Sandy Hook, NJ. Competing in their 1st Half-Marathons were Chris Adams, Katie Gardner and Gary Pucher.

Each of them were looking to run under 2hrs and then some.

Chris ran an impressive 1:45 (with me fetching his water!)
-Quite a fine performance considering he's only been running for several months now.

Katie ran a very strong race in 1:51, despite some side stitches the last mile..she kept the hammer down and ran strong to the finish.

Gary (all 200lbs of muscle of him) ran 1:55 and felt great the whole way. He is on pace to run sub 4hrs in his Marathon debut this January!

Francesca, Lori & I ran along (for fun) and were very proud of our competitors efforts. Afterwards, we met up for some post race brunch and enjoyed the beautiful weather we were given.

What did you do this weekend?

Frank Pucher

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