Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What lies beneath......

Growth is always happening, even when it can't be seen.

As long as the conditions are present (Environment, Attention & Energy) growth is certain. It's really just a matter of science. However, if you remove or neglect one of the conditions required; your growth may be a lack thereof.

In whatever area of life you choose (Family, Personal, Business, Athletic) you must provide the proper conditions to let nature do it's thing. Too often we expect 'overnight' success and give up. Often we provide little attention to something and expect things to change immediately. It doesn't happen. Growth takes time, Growth takes patience, Growth takes faith, even when no sign of growth exists. Or does it?

This weekend Francesca & I bought 2 pots and placed soil and flower seeds in them both. We gave them some water and placed them in our kitchen. Each morning we ask them "How's your growth today?" A little silly I know. But the flower/soil represents growth for all things. It will take several weeks of Water, Attention & Sunlight before we see 'growth' but beneath the surface (as in life) things are happening!

As a couple, as a business, as people Francesca & I have grown tremendously over the last year.
While some people find contentment in the 'Status Quo' I would suggest that the 'Status Quo' is the reason most people are unhappy in their lives.

Developing the wisdom & patience to enable real growth is no easy task. So I offer you the flower/soil exercise. Give it a try. Like the flower yet to bloom is a new YOU the world has yet to see.

Frank Pucher

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