Thursday, November 12, 2009

Looking Back Ahead

Today is my 40th B-day!

However, my present came earlier this week. I received an email from one of my college teammates 'Gayland Aston.' It was a few "Old Photos" he dug out from 1992 with some of our Friends & Team from ESU.

There is something amazing about old photos and how they bring you back to 'that time' in your life. I smiled as I saw some friends not seen in years and an ex-girlfriend who is now married with 3 children. I looked at myself (now thinking) "if only I knew then......" I guess we all do that? Francesca laughed out loud (looking at the photo) saying "You still look the same!"

Thank you G, for the chance to look back. I don't do that enough and I know that those days where some of the best ever!

It's almost time for me to hit the showers and get to work; but my gift to myself is to not plan my day. I'll simply enjoy what happens. That was the best part of my College Days the 'surprise around the corner.' Somewhere between Graduation and Mortgage Payments that seems to get lost?

* I just received a text message from my friend Chris Adams "Happy Birthday Gramps."
It's going to be one of those days! *

Frank Pucher

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