Monday, November 2, 2009

Fitness 121 Recommends November 09'

The Airex Pad is becoming one of our favorite 'tools' at Fitness 121.

This simple device is perfect for developing strength and stability in the hip & low back.
We use it daily for Pilates, Core Work and even Shoulder Strengthening.

Check out the FREE exercise menu here: Airex Samples

* Please speak to one of the trainers about the many ways to use the AIREX PAD. This is one of the better devices I have come across over the years. I use it each day with my athletes and those with low back & knee pain. It is a GREAT-GREAT device!

Frank Pucher

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  1. I use this myself and this is an excellent piece of equipment and is reallyt versatile. I would highly recommned this also

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