Friday, November 27, 2009

A 90 Day Wonder

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Answer the following questions (as many/few as you feel). I do this every 3 months and I wouldn't if it didn't work! For added POWER, email me your answers
We can review this in 90 days and see what you did.
** This is HIGHLY effective, but only if you write it down keep it visible.
I have chosen to show all what I have done & will do. Will you join me?

1. What have you accomplished in the last 90 Days?
- Added 25 client hrs to our facility.
- Started selling Body Balance Liquid Nutrition.
- Presented at the Essex County In-Biz Expo.
- Named "Runner Up for Best Fitness Facility in Essex County."
- Voted #1 "Personal Training Center."
- Was interviewed by 2 different publications.
- Named "One of the Top Personal Trainers in America" on Sept 19th in Red Bank, NJ.
- Rehabbed and coached several athletes to PR's and Award Winning Performances.
- Finished the Books: "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari." & "Crush It."
- Coached/Mentored several Fitness Professionals & Students.
- Celebrated my 40th Birthday!!

2. What are your current obstacles, challenges, and issues?
- Finding my next "thing."
- Keeping my focus sharp.
- Motivating/Educating my TEAM.
- Cutting business costs without reducing our exceptional service and atmosphere.
- Time management: Training - Coaching - Speaking - Writing - Learning. Lots of hats, only so much time.

3. What are you going to accomplish in the next 90 Days?
- Add another 20-30 clients hrs to our facility.
- Hire a Pilates Instructor.
- Market our "Golf Fitness Group Program." TBA
- Add another 2 Athletes to my "Run Coach" Program.
- Schedule talk at ESU to Exercise Science Club.
- Get our "In Action" shots on the BLOG.
- Book my trip to San Diego this March!!
- Sign-Up for Long Branch 1/2 Marathon. Train to Win my Age Group.
- Read: "The Greatness Guide" & at least 1 other book. TBD

- Frank Pucher

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