Monday, March 1, 2010

Breaking News:

I was interviewed on Saturday by a staff writer for NJ Monthly Magazine.

Fitness 121 was named "Best Exercise Studio" and will be written about in the April 2010 issue. The truth is that this has been an intention of mine since 2000. In fact, I once had 'staff shirts' made that read "NJ's Best."

On behalf of the entire TEAM at Fitness 121. "Thank You" to our clients and friends that voted and spoke up about us.

As awesome as this news is; We're just getting started. Great things are coming in 2010.

"It's not just Personal Training; It's Fitness 121 Personal Training."

-Frank Pucher

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  1. Frank,
    It's me Debi Vincent. I'm a member of Todd's Master Mind group and I just wanted to say CONGRATS!to you. This is such awesome news. Dave and I will have to head out to Jersey sometime and visit you. Take care. Great job!