Friday, March 26, 2010

Best Exercise Studio

Many congratulations have come our way over the last several days. New Jersey Monthly Magazine has hit the mailboxes and Fitness 121 has been named "Best Exercise Studio."

A interviewer from NJ Monthly asked me "What do you do differently from most studios?"
My answer was simple "We're not focused on making 'deals' or 'sales'; We're focused on making people Better!"

She asked me about our training. "What do you have that others don't?" I replied "Great Fitness Professionals who create a great EXPERIENCE; not just give a workout."

I explained that every gym/studio has machines & dumbbells and balls, etc. What we have done is eliminate the machines and anything else that encourages people to move in a way that is not benefiting them. The Lat Pulldown isn't making you stronger. Neither is the Bench Press or the Leg Press for that matter. Sure, we still have people push and pull with resistance. They jump and run, they reach and flex, extend, rotate and stabilize. They sweat and feel GREAT when they finish.
It's not about making someone TIRED.
It's about making people feel better than when they walked in. I've never found a machine that did that, but I have a TEAM of Fitness Professionals do just that EVERYDAY!

"Best Exercise Studio" in New Jersey. Yes we are!

-Frank Pucher

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