Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 Weeks Out from Ironman

A quite training week really. Looking back, it's weeks like this that make you start to ask questions like "have I done enough?" Not that there is anything that can be done at this point.

I had a conversation with Rachel yesterday and I re-assured her of that very thing. "The money is in the bank" I explained, "so let's no dwell on what has/hasn't been done." 

Here is what the week had for me:

Monday: Rest day. Still very sore from last the long run.
Tuesday: 1hr bike indoors, still fatigued.
Wednesday: 45 minute swim.
Thursday: Rest day (I could get use to this!)
Friday: Run 40 minutes, very humid outside!
Saturday: 90 minute bike indoors (watching TDF).
Sunday: Another rest day....

I dropped my bike off for it's final clean and some new tires. This week I'll pick-up my race day goodies, bars, gels and liquids. Extra sleep, less wine and positive affirmations are on order.

1 week to go...

Frank Pucher

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