Sunday, July 12, 2009

With 3 Weeks Out

Greetings from the home office. I have just returned from my last "long run" (quite possibly ever? TBD) in Central Park.

I Love Central Park. There is always an excitement, especially on a beautiful summers day (like today!) The place has many wonderful memories for me and I always find a new enjoyment whenever I make the trip.

This week was pretty basic in my training with my longest S-B-R over the last several days. 

Here is how it all went down:

Monday: 50 minute run
Tuesday: 2.5 hrs bike
Wednesday: 1 hr swim
Thursday: 2.5 hrs bike
Friday: 1hr 20 minute swim (longest ever)
Saturday: 80 mile bike ride with Rachel.
Sunday: 18 mile run in CP, (longest run of the cycle).

I celebrated my run today with some blueberry waffles and eggs..oh and a Coke, some fruit, and some hummus & crackers. (I'm wondering what's for dinner?)

Francesca asked me how I was feeling about my training? I replied "as good as I expect to feel."

My next 2 weeks will see a reduced volume and some increased rest & recovery. Hair buzz, manicure, pedicure (That's right I said it!) and maybe a massage up at Lake Placid the days before the race.

Basically, the work is done and now I just have to pull it all together. I'm counting the days's getting real. This is really gonna happen!

Frank Pucher

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