Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cleared for take-off!

I'm on my way to work for a few hours, a quick run/shower and then the Airport.
I'll be in San Diego for a retreat with 25 of the Best Fitness Professionals in the country.

My sharing time will be on "Hiring Great Teammates/Building a Winning Team."

I'm a combined excited and nervous.
1) I've never been to San Diego. Where am I going?
2) These are the BEST of the BEST.
3) How close is the nearest Starbucks?
4) I'm really in need of some sunshine and the weather out there has been super!

We are about to finish Hibachi "60" in a record 31 days! "Great Job" to my Fitness 121 TEAM.

I will blog more upon my return. Have a GREAT week.

-Frank Pucher

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