Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back from San Diego


An amazing weekend in San Diego. Energy-Passion-Tears & Excitement.

I can't possibly write about what we did.
It's like asking someone to write about "how to tie your shoelaces?" Nearly impossible!

I'll not mention each person who was there - but feel the need to say a few things about the people I most connected with.

Thank You to Todd & the Team at FQ10. An amazing collection of people who just exude a love for what they do!

Larry Indiviglia - (as seen in the NY Times!) Kudos my friend, you deserve that and so much more; you are 'the Rare Air' that's spoken of and you have many more recognitions still ahead.

Alexis Gaston - JustGetFitonline.com - You ARE the Tazmanian Devil! There is nothing that you can't do. Believe in yourself 1/2 as much as we all do and the sky is the limit. You ROCK Girl!

Mike Michaels - LivefitFormula.com - Big things coming for you brother. The truth is unrelenting and you speak it Mike. Reach for that BHAG. You can do it!

Liz Medina - MedinaFitnessStudio.com - I can apperciate the time, struggle and sacrifices you have made. Bravo for facing your fears and moving forward with your dreams. You are an amazing woman and I'm proud to call you my friend.

Kelli Corasanti - Studio8Fitness.com - You are an amazing friend, a mirror to possibility, and an enlightened soul. Your ability to connect with others (so easily) is a gift that you surely do not waste. Keep shining. The world needs more of your light.

I went out to San Diego with the intention of giving so much to so many. I did that but I can honestly say that I got back just as much (and then some).

I leave reminded that "Everyday is Game Day." Time to step up and play big.

-Frank Pucher

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  1. Good to read your writing and to see how you processed the weekend. I hope your re-entry into the 'real world' went smoothly today.