Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Actions for an IMPACT Year!

My 5 Things that I WILL make happen in 2010.

1) 200 hrs of PT/Pilates sessions @ Fitness 121. This is NOT an intention but a WILL!
- Action steps: Lunch & Learn Talks, Running Club Speaking, Better Advertisement, Better Training, Overall Evangelism!

2) Strengthen my Homelife/Marriage-Relationship.
- Action steps: In bed & off computer by 9:30pm. No "work talk" past 9pm. No "work talk" after 4pm on weekends. No "work talk" or "work reading" while on Vacation (this may be tough?)

3) Develop a World Class Mindset with regard to Business & Finances.
- Actions steps: Focus attention on Profitability, Cost controls & Branding. Speak to/Learn from "profitability experts".

4) Lead without title.
- Action steps: Host a MasterMind gathering here in NJ this Sept! Open to all groups- I will handle logistics.
Tentative Itinerary: Dinner @ Casa de Pucher, Hotel, A.M. workout >MM gathering @ Fitness 121 to discuss "Business/Goals", Dinner Out...more to follow!

5) Take care of self> Return (Commit) to World Class Fitness/Diet & Recovery.
- Action steps: Run 6x weekly, Strength train 2-3x & Better Nutrition Daily. (Drink More Water!)

-Frank Pucher

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