Tuesday, May 12, 2009

90 Day Wonder

Try this simple exercise. Answer the 3 questions (In BOLD.)
Write it down and involve others. Keep yourself accountable and watch what happens!

1. What have you accomplished in the last 90 Days?
- Began training for IRONMAN USA Triathlon (better late than never.)
- Joined TD Mastermind.
-Set HIBACHI 10 Goal for TEAM (DONE)
- Set HIBACHI 10 x 2 Goal..
- Booked my Vacation/Anniversary Trip (Naples, FL)
- Secured nomination for Fitness Facility of the Year in Local Magazine. THANKS MMG!!
- Met with several media outlets to discuss advertising options.
- Refinanced my business loans w/ my bank.
- Refinanced my mortgage also.
- Took my Yellow Lab "Corona" to the animal hospital for her 1st ultrasound to determine if liver disease was present. Fortunately, she's ok and is still stealing my socks and sleeping on my pillow.
2. What are my current obstacles, challenges, and issues?
- Overcoming negative economic sentiment.
- Finding another trainer "the right" fit for out TEAM.
- Budgeting.
- Working on my business-yet staying in the trenches as well.
- Coping with my impatience or perhaps other peoples lack of urgency?
- Being "present" at all times.

3. What are you going to accomplish in the next 90 Days?
- Encourage votes for "Fitness Facility of the Year."
- Add 1 new TEAM player to my facility.
- Hibachi 10 x 2.
- Have advertising set and working for us.
- Encourage my TEAM to set a 90 day wonder for themselves!
- Sign my remaining staff (Non-Certified by the Copper Institute) up for the Personal Trainer course in Dallas, TX. It is my GOAL to have my entire TEAM, "Cooper Certified." (Currently 3 of 6 are.)
- Speak to representative from Local College about internships offers and potential training "students."
(DONE today!)
- Spend more time with my family.

Frank Pucher

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