Sunday, May 10, 2009

11 Weeks Out

Another week already? I don't know where the days go!?

Sunday: Long Branch 1/2 Marathon, running an easy "unofficial" 1:39. Felt good, arch hurt several times, but overall not bad.
Monday: 40 minute swim.
Tuesday: 90 minute bike, strength work in the p.m.
Wednesday: 1 hour run, not feeling so good. Arch ok, but stomach was "blahhh"
Thursday: 90 minute bike, strength work in the p.m.
Friday: 45 minute swim, felt pretty good!
Saturday: a very humid 90 minute run. Felt good and arch seemed ok.

I still haven't picked up my bike. Work has been busy and time is short. That is GOAL # 1 this week. I'm feeling very balanced in my training as of right now, I'm a little concerned about the hills coming my way on the bike, but I'll climb that mountain when I reach it.
I may need to start doubling my workouts on some days as this will be a TRIATHLON?

Frank Pucher

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